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Cows milk, constipation & eczema HELP!

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Sunrise66 Sun 11-Feb-18 20:48:18

Hi, wondering if anyone can give me some advice on alternatives to cows milk and soy milk in 15 month old? DD1 developed probs with eczema and constipation around 10mths when started to wean off BFing. I think the constipation is related to cows milk as it got a lot worse on starting whole cows milk at 12mths and wasn’t responding to lactulose from GP and diet good with veg/fruit/prunes/water. I eat dairy and no probs whilst BFing. The eczema has been quite bad and we’re dependent on steroid cream to control it using hydrocortisone most days and eumovate when bad as well as emollients. I tried switching to Soy formula which completely fixed the constipation but didn’t really help eczema. A few wks ago she had a tummy bug during which the eczema seemed to greatly improve whilst wasn’t eating for few days but she has now become completely intolerant of soy and vomits whenever we retry it. I’ve restarted cows milk but now back to square one with constipation which is marginally better on cows milk follow on formula but still v bad. I’ve tried aptamil Pepti that didn’t help. LO loves bottle milk twice day and I want to continue this for now as giving comfort and hydration, doesn’t drink lot from cup.
I think my options are now; increase laxatives with cows milk formula (not ideal); try almond/rice milk (low in fat/protein and not sure suitable as 2 bottles/day?) or try goats milk (I hate taste not sure she’ll accept?
I’m also left wondering what else on diet could be causing/ aggravating eczema. Has anyone else had any similar probs or can you offer some advice? Thank you for reading, apologies for long post!

dementedpixie Sun 11-Feb-18 21:18:42

Don't give rice milk. It's not recommended under age 5 due to arsenic levels.

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