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Relationship with my half sisters but not my dad...

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JKCR2017 Sun 11-Feb-18 08:11:36

I am 25 and a mother of two. I have never met my biological father despite the fact that he never lived far away.

I also know two half sisters who are a little bit older than me whom I share the same the father with. It’s more of a ‘friend’ relationship rather than a ‘sisterely’ type relationship though. I don’t see them that often anymore. Our mothers decided to introduce to each other many years ago now as my Mother and their Mother have both been messed around by our ‘dad’. Despite this my half sisters did have a relationship with their dad, but they never saw him regularly, more like a every couple of months type of thing.

My biological father has other children. An even older child he supposedly had as a teenager but also never met. Also four younger children with his wife, whom he lives with. A bit of a womaniser I believe.

Thing is, it’s getting weirder. One of my half sisters has just had a baby, my nephew and I have congratulated her but I feel weird considering this child my nephew as I don’t reslly consider these ladies my sisters as we never grew up as sisters.

Also, our biological dad has met my half sisters children but obviously not mine as he’s never even met me.

I’m just feeling weirder and weirder about all of it as time goes on.

We’ve just moved to a village only a few miles away from the town where he lives. I know what he looks like and I’m sure I’ve driven past him walking his dog a few times and he’s driven past me before.

He is on facebook, he is friends with my sisters and I am friends with my sisters on Facebook so he must of seen me on there.

It would be a whole lot easier if we didn’t have any links!! Lol! 🤔

I’m not sure what I’m asking here but it’s nice to be able to speak about it as I cannot talk to my mother about it and my OH tells me to not worry about it as the guy isn’t worth my time.

But sometimes I feel like I should meet my ‘real dad’?

JKCR2017 Sun 11-Feb-18 08:11:53

Didn’t realise how long this is! Sorry.

uhoh2016 Sun 11-Feb-18 16:53:52

My dh has no relationship with his "Dad" despite him literally living round the corner all his life ( he was already married with 2 children when dh was conceived and stayed with his wife) . He's since become close with 1 of his older brothers as they've become adults. They have a really good relationship.
He sees his "dad" in the local pub but does not in any way consider him as his father. He's just his brothers Dad not his. He's never wanted a relationship with him. He considers his step dad as his real Dad, he's the man who's in his life and who our children call Grandad.
Don't feel you need to have a relationship with him of any sorts just because your sisters do.

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