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Stoop withholding?

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BubblesPip Sun 11-Feb-18 07:04:33

I am at my wits end with my Dd (20 months) who began stool withholding around 6-7 months ago. She will hold onto her stools for up to 5 days, despite clearly needing to go daily. For the majority of the time she’s super anxious, clingy and everything is a huge ordeal. When she’s done a poo, she’s her usual happy self for about a day, then it just builds and builds. She now has anxiety about eating as she clearly relates eating and the urge to go for a poo.
She’s on considerable laxatives to keep her stools loose to aim to stop her holding on, but it has no effect.
I’m at a loss and would love to hear other parents experiences as I know it’s not uncommon. My Dd also shows some signs of having sensory issues and is awaiting assessment for this.

BubblesPip Sun 11-Feb-18 07:05:06

Whoops!! Huge error in the title blush Stool withholding clearly!!

Stickmangate Sun 11-Feb-18 07:12:11

My DS does this and is on laxido he is 4 and getting better. If you are on Facebook join movicol mummies page very good for advice and support.

She is probably too young for reward charts. I found not making a big deal of it helped. Hope it gets better soon x

Soakingbathtime Sun 11-Feb-18 07:13:32

My 3 year old did this. It was awful. She would hold for so long that she would leak poo in her pants around the poo that she was holding.
We downloaded an app called poo land which really helped, got her to sit on the loo and blow bubbles, but the main thing that helped was increasing her movicol so much that she literally couldn’t hold it.
It meant that she had a few accidents in the early days, but once she learnt it didn’t hurt to go then we could start reducing the laxative and she’s absolutely fine now. I would say start to finish we got it sorted within about 4 months.

Soakingbathtime Sun 11-Feb-18 07:15:16

In fact she was about 2.5 when this started. But honestly we just kept upping the movicol until she had no choice but to poo. We were worried as the doctor said that holding for too long can stretch their bottom which then means they lose sensation and causes problems later on. She used to hold for days, become hysterical and literally shake with fear when she could feel a poo coming.

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