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When to apply for 30hrs childcare??

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uhoh2016 Thu 08-Feb-18 20:40:23

Ds is 3 this month. He's been accepted into school nursery from April. He will be eligible for the 30hrs. When and how do I apply for this?

littletike Thu 08-Feb-18 20:46:57

I think the deadline is Wednesday...

You need to apply via HMRC here:

Maryann1975 Thu 08-Feb-18 20:50:17

When hey introduced the scheme the deadline to get your code to the provider was the end of the previous term. I think that’s what it was at Christmas too. So I think (but don’t take my word for it) that you have till the end of March to get your code. But you can do it now and be super organised and it’s no problem. You have to remember to renew your code every three months too. There have been issues where funding has lapsed because parents have failed to do this, so make sure you renew once your dc starts his funding.

uhoh2016 Fri 09-Feb-18 10:02:56

Thanks do they send you a reminder or do you have to remember yourself to do renew I'm terrible remembering things like this.

uhoh2016 Fri 09-Feb-18 10:04:15

Also if you receive tax credits do they stop in order for the 30hrs to start? Not that i get much but every bit helps

debbiewest0 Sat 10-Feb-18 15:51:45

Uhoh- when our 30 hours started and the bill went down for childcare, I informed tax credits of my new costs so I wouldn't be overpaid. You have to let them know the new costs you have.

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