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What age should you stop baby cosleeping to avoid sleep issues?

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BubbleAndSquark Thu 08-Feb-18 11:15:48

DC3 is 3 months and not too fussy but does wake for a bit every 1-2 hours if he's in the cot but cosleeping sleeps through/wakes once.
DC1 was an awful sleeper and coslept until 2, and DC2 was a good sleeper and coslept until 8 months when she had to go onto formula then slept very well in cot.

This time I will hopefully be able keep breastfeeding, but don't really want to be cosleeping after he starts moving so not sure whether its best to get him used to the cot now or if it won't make much difference waiting a few months.

mindutopia Thu 08-Feb-18 13:03:07

I co-slept with mine (bedshared) until she was 2 and then we continued to room share part-time (she had a little bed in our room next to our bed, in addition to a bed in her own room and she brought herself in during the night to sleep with us when she was ready, every night but at various times) until she was 3.5. I don't think we had any sleep issues really. Obviously there were tough phases with teething and illness and when she dropped her naps, but that's normal. Otherwise, I think she's slept pretty well. When she was ready to transition to sleeping on her own, she told us and she just did it and it wasn't a big deal. So I would just do what works for you. I don't think there's some time limit where if you go past it, you're going to have shot yourself in the foot.

BertieBotts Thu 08-Feb-18 13:42:05

What kind of sleep issues are you worried about? I just continued until I realised he was more settled without me at which point I moved him to his own room, he was about 2. Then used to cosleep part time of the night until I got fed up with his wriggling and cover stealing and so encouraged him to stop! He was probably 2.5 by that point.

There was another window we could have stopped easily when he was about 1 but we were moving house so I decided to carry on to keep some continuity.

Chaosofcalm Thu 08-Feb-18 14:44:33

I read a report the other day (can’t remember where) which said you should expect your child to need you through the night until the age of 7.

InDubiousBattle Thu 08-Feb-18 15:37:20

I suppose it depends on how much you consider co sleeping in and of itself to be a sleep issue. With our first we didn't havehim in with us at all when he was little and by 7 months he wouldn't sleep with us at all. Dd slept in our bedmost nights until around 9 months when she night weaned and stayed in her cot (she went into her own room at 1). Totally anecdotal but among my friends all of those who were co sleeping at 1 year were still doing it when their dc turned 2 (and several still doing it at 3 too).

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