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School run issue

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Happygolucky009 Thu 08-Feb-18 07:14:22

My ds hurt another child in school, the other child has complained to parent who notified the school. Ds admitted what happened, lost playtime, apologised and also sent a letter of apology. This happened last week.

Fast forward to this week, no known issues until Tuesday when the collecting dad searched me out to give me a proper roasting about what had happened saying it needed to stop. Yelling at me in a very intimidating way, I walked away saying tell the school and went to find out what more issues had arisen : none but they would investigate further. Having investigated the school identified that the other child has told his dad that my child had hurt him but when asked about the detail recalled the incident from the previous week. The children had in fact been playing tag together as a part of a wider group.

With a school disco at the end of the week, I feel very anxious about mixing with the other parents but feel my concerns should not prevent my child from joining in particularly as he has had good reports everyday.

How can I get past what happened and get my mojo back!

AjasLipstick Thu 08-Feb-18 08:18:15

Tell all the other Mums what he did...try to get them onside. I know that's a slightly risky option but the other option is to let this bully bully you.

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