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Any mummies out there that can share their daily routines for their 1 year olds?

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StephB2017 Thu 25-Jan-18 07:37:07

Including feeding times, milk times, nap times and sleep! My son turns one in a week and I'm just interested to know what kind of schedule he should be on. He's not a great sleeper and I sometimes worry he's sleeping too much in the day. Thanks a lot! <3 xxxx

ElenaBothari Thu 25-Jan-18 07:57:01

7am - up, boob, play
8am - breakfast, play/go out
10am - nap
11 - up and play/go out
12 - lunch and boob then play
2-4 - nap
4- snack then play
5.30 dinner then quieter play, bath, books
7 boob and go to bed, asleep by 8.
Lots of other breastfeeds scattered through the day.

Lilonetwo Thu 25-Jan-18 08:00:36

Wake up anytime between 5:45 and 7:15 for a 6oz bottle

Nap around 10 for 1 hour. (Used to fantastic at napping but now I find it difficult so I let him watch TV and when he drifts off I take him to his cot)

11:30 bottle of milk (we try breakers but bottles are more preferred)

13:00 ish lunch

15:00-16:00 6oz bottle/Beaker of milk

Nap time. Sometimes 30 mins, sometimes 2 hrs

18:00 dinner

18:45 bath

19:00 a little porridge to fill baby's tummy in the hope of a good night sleep

Usually sleeps through 9/10 times. But when he does wake up he's up for a couple of hours.

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 25-Jan-18 08:06:51

Awake 5:30-6

Nap 8:30-9:30/10

Nap 1-3

Bed 7

Wakes a few times in the night to BF. Fed to sleep for all naps and bedtime.

StephB2017 Fri 09-Feb-18 08:22:59

Thanks ladies smile

Clarabell100 Sat 10-Feb-18 22:57:10

My DD is 13 months and this is our routine when she’s not in nursery

7/7.30 wakes up 7oz bottle (half formula, half cows milk)
8.30 breakfast, usually porridge or muesli
9.45 nap - this can last anywhere between 1-2 hours and she gets a small snack on waking
12noon - lunch
2pm 7oz bottle (half formula, half cows milk)
and a small snack
2.30 nap, usually an hour
4.30 dinner
6pm bath and story time
6.30 7oz bottle of formula and in bed by 7

thUnderdog Sat 10-Feb-18 23:04:24

7.30 up, changed etc
8 breakfast (cereal and cup of milk)
9.30-11 nap
Up, changed, play
12 lunch with water
2-3.30 nap
Up, changed
4 snack and water
5.30 dinner with cup of milk
6.15 bathtime
7 bed, sleeping from 7.30ish

Got rid of formula a few days before first birthday and got rid of bottles a few days after. This whole routine has stayed the same for months now (almost 16 months). I get the feeling we're nearing a change though, to switch to one nap in the middle of the day.

OneDayIWillHaveAGreatUsername Sat 10-Feb-18 23:10:28

7.15am - Up and play
8.00am - Breakfast
9.30am - Nap
10.30am - Up and play
11:45am - Lunch
12.30pm - Nap
2.30pm - Up and play
4.15pm - Dinner
6.00pm - Bath
6.30pm - 7oz bottle and bed

pastabest Sat 10-Feb-18 23:24:04

On a good day (i.e when not teething/ full of cold, so pretty much never at the moment)

6.30 wakes up, comes into bed with us and watches CBeebies while we doze.

7.15 goes downstairs with DP for cereal, banana and some toast. Possibly a bottle of cows milk. Eats this over the course of an hour.

9am - 10.30 nap

10.30 rich tea biscuit and half a bottle of cows milk

12pm lunch - possibly last nights leftovers from our evening meal or a sandwich or tomato pasta. Will have a sippy cup of water/juice

1.30 - 3pm nap time

3.30pm if whingey a bottle of cows milk.

5pm supper. Same sort of stuff as lunch, or if nothing 'fresh' available frozen chips and fish fingers with peas and ketchup.

6pm bath time

6.30 in the night garden or a picture book.

7pm bed

Sleeps a variable amount during the night. Recently seems to be coming into our bed earlier and earlier in the morning which is Not Good.

pastabest Sat 10-Feb-18 23:26:03

Oops forgot the 6.30pm bottle of cows milk and the fact that there's a sippy cup of water to help herself to throughout the day.

soundsystem Sat 10-Feb-18 23:28:20

All you lucky people with napping babies!

6.30am. Wake up, 8oz formula
7/7.30ish Breakfast
9.30 2nd breakfast
12.00 Lunch, followed by nap, usually 1.5-2 hours. Milk when he wakes up
15.30/16.00 Tea
17.30 Start to wind down for bed
18.00 8oz formula
18.30 Sleep

FartnissEverbeans Sun 11-Feb-18 09:18:00

16mo DS is in nursery full time.

Nursery schedule:

Dragged him out of bed at 5:30 (poor wee soul)
Cuddle for 15mins due to wake up trauma (I feel his pain)
Wrestle into nappy and clothes
Throw a handful of dry Cheerios/some toast and butter onto high chair tray while he watches Teletubbies (he won't eat much in the mornings)
Nursery drop off at 7
Nursery feeds him Oatibix at about 8
Play, play, play. Be cute all day for nursery nurses
Sleep 11-1:30 on a good day
Eat a healthy lunch
Play, play, play
Cry at 4pm pickup because the nurses won't let him rub his sippycup in a puddle
Moan all the way home
Refuse to eat healthy dinner
Eat mummy's dinner hmm
Bath at 5:30pm
Play til 6
Wine (for me, not baby wink)

Weekends we are summoned out of bed at around 7am to wave at the cars outside, then we have some toast, play for a while, maybe a snack at some point if he wants one. Then sleep at around 11, lunch, play, then we begin the usual bedtime routine.

He usually only has one bottle of cow's milk per day.

Lilsquish Sun 11-Feb-18 20:36:19

*0900 awake
*0930 Porridge and fruit with cup of water
*1000 Play
*1300 Lunch with water
*1330 Play
*1500 Nap
*1630 Snack or 6oz milk
*1830 Dinner and cup of water
*1900 Bath
*1930 8oz milk and story in bed
*1945 Sleeping

buckyou Sun 11-Feb-18 20:57:02

We don’t really have routine at all!

Normally up about 7 (although can be earlier) when he has a bottle

He normally has 4 smaller meals so breakfast about 8, lunch 11.30, tea / snack at 4 and then some dinner at 6.

He has a bottle at bedtime.

Has between 1 and 3 naps a day just depends how tired he is and what we are doing.

StephB2017 Tue 13-Mar-18 14:33:18

Thanks to everyone who replied xxx

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