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Bath routine. I'm so tired..

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Vitotitto Sat 13-Jan-18 15:33:10

Basically it's about washing our son's hair.

Even a drop of water on his scalp is a huge problem.
Now he has developed some kind of cradle cap and our doctor gave us a cream for it. I just have to do it. I have to wash his head to make it better and maintain the hygiene.
He was screaming like I was tourturing him sad. Crying so hard even when it's just a water. He is ok with bath, lots of fun there. But when it's coming to washing his words to describe his tears..

Is this gonna be better at some point?

INeedNewShoes Sat 13-Jan-18 15:35:39

How old is he?

Vitotitto Sat 13-Jan-18 15:38:58

I don't know how I missed that,sorry.

2.7 y.o.
He has an eczema and it was a bit tricky to make bath time fun. But I sincerely don't know how to cope with his hair taking in consideration his reaction ((

Mayhemmumma Sat 13-Jan-18 15:44:49

There's a lovely book called murgatroyd's garden I think which he might at least relate to....

I always went with its non negotiable. Every other day so we got used to it. Hair wash as soon as in bath then play. Nitty gritty combs very gently can remove some of the cradle cap. Brush his hair in the day so he gets used to the feel of it. Cut his hair short?

Vitotitto Sat 13-Jan-18 15:56:19

Mayhemmumma the book sounds interesting, thank you. Need to order it. Yes, he won't negotiate, we tried sweets, chocolate, cars, surprises. Nothing works. I think now that maybe I just have to continue anyway. But we ended up crying together. I have found towel-off shampoo, but it just helps to keep hair clean, it doesn't help the skin.

somuchlove Sat 13-Jan-18 15:58:37

My son was always like that and it still is... it got a little better but he still cries a lot... ( and he has a beautiful long hair, which I think in cutting every time I wash it) he is now 3.5y.o

Going underwater in swimming classes it's just impossible!!confused

mustbemad17 Sat 13-Jan-18 16:01:14

OP my DD is now 5 & will begrudgingly let me wash hers every other day. Until she was about 4 it was a battle of the wills, literally. No advice as I ended up just dumping a cup of water on her head whilst telling her to close her eyes (and sobbing mine out) every time...but ime it did get better

Vitotitto Sat 13-Jan-18 17:12:43

Thank you ladies!

insancerre Sat 13-Jan-18 17:15:47

I got mine to lie down in the bath and rest their head on my arm and rinsed their hair with a jug using my other hand
That way the water doesn't go in their eyes

sirlee66 Sat 13-Jan-18 17:26:30

Aw you're poor boy! my husband has sensitive skin and his doctor said he shouldn't be showing everyday because it's not giving his skin a chance to settle and he was literally washing away good bacteria. He now showers every other day and his skin is much better.

Hope your DS gets better soon!! X

MerryInthechelseahotel Sat 13-Jan-18 17:42:54

Dd had this and I found lying in very shallow water and me gently pouring water helped. Think it hurt her ears actually as she has had trouble with them all her life and still can't get water in them

freshstart24 Sat 13-Jan-18 17:45:10

Just wondered if you've tried bathing with him- having a bit of splashy fun feeling safe with you holding him might help you love towards less stressful hair washing.

Also you could try him washing some of his toys hair, or helping you or his dad wash your hair.

Redelephant18 Sat 13-Jan-18 17:49:00

We just use a flannel to wet the hair and then wet it, wring it out and take the soap off that way. Works with my son who is 33 months. No water goes onto his face and although it takes a bit longer- it saves a lot of stress!

Vitotitto Mon 15-Jan-18 02:28:38

Thank you so much for the replies.
We've tried everything mentioned - shower together, bath together. Toys like watermills, cups, shallow water (he is very scared to lie down). Sweets, surprises, cars..

He is usually happy to play in the bath with lots of toys (if I'm not trying to wash his head).

I have a foaming towel-off shampoo that can be used anywhere, but even this way it is problematic. He literally starts crying if there are just a few drops of water on his head. Not to mention full head of foam.

He observes us washing our heads regularly.

I just don't want his cradle cap to spread.

I guess I will try the prescribed cream overnight to soften it, then will try to comb it out and wash his hair. Don't know if that's a good plan though.

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