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Toddler transitions nightmare. When does it start to get better?

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graysor Fri 12-Jan-18 19:18:03

Dd is just turned 2. She is strong willed and bossy. Fairly standard for a toddler I guess.

We are really struggling with all sorts of transitions at the moment. We even struggle when moving on to something she loves, like going to the park. Let alone something she doesnt, like teeth brushing or nap time. master of delaying tactics, just one more etc etc.

I try to use the techniques in how to talk so kids will listen. But with only limited success. Like when offering a closed choice she just says no to both and carries on.

At bedtime it's a never ending cycle of just one more book. I don't know how best to handle this. I want to draw a line and say only 2 stories, and stick to it. But forcing her like this is definitely counter productive at bedtime as she will get hysterical, and absolutely refuse to lie down.

Any tips on how best to handle this? Or when it might start to get better? It's driving me bonkers.

applepatch Sat 13-Jan-18 17:19:28

No advice but posting to bump. I'm in similar situation so keen to see what's suggested

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