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Teething - crying at night!

(32 Posts)
Dalesgirl16 Sat 06-Jan-18 00:14:30

What do I do please! I'm a first time mum and clueless as to what to do. My 14 mo has been crying at night for the past few nights and seems in pain. We can only think it's teething. We have ended up bringing her to our bed, telling stories and then trying to put her back but She screams so we have had her lie next to us til she sleeps. My husband has managed to put her back without waking her a couple of times but most others she has fallen asleep on our bed while we dont sleep for fear of rolling on her! We use anbesol and have done since she was 6 months. This is the first time she has been like this. I try to offer her cold teethers in the day but she won't have them. We have misplaced Sofie the giraffe -need to find her!

UnitedKungdom Sat 06-Jan-18 00:19:47

Please tell me you've tried calpol? If she is in pain she needs pain medication, not just Sophie the giraffe. If the calpol makes no difference it's probably not teething and just normal toddler nighttime stuff.

UnitedKungdom Sat 06-Jan-18 00:20:56

Oh and if you roll on a 14mth old, expect a good kick and a roar.

PinkFluffyBlanket Sat 06-Jan-18 00:21:36

Amber anklets

FreshHerbs Sat 06-Jan-18 00:39:33

Try anbesol liquid. You can buy it from most chemists,
Putting a teething ring in freezer as well for a hour or two then give it to baby.
I feel your pain xxxx

FreshHerbs Sat 06-Jan-18 00:42:07

Sorry not much help my post. You've done everything I've said.
When baby's are teething they dribble like mad and usually have rosy flushed cheeks. I would go to see gp just in case it's something else. Has baby got a high temp/fever?

Dalesgirl16 Sat 06-Jan-18 00:46:49

Yes sorry we've given her Calpol and she has worn an amber anklet since she was 6 months. I use anbesol liquid on her and we have never had any problems so far and she has eight teeth. I'm concerned about the fact she ends up In our bed. We have just put her back in her crib at my insistence after two hours sad

UnitedKungdom Sat 06-Jan-18 00:48:10

I think what you have here is a child who wants to be in mum and dads bed. Very common with 14mth olds. 😅

Dalesgirl16 Sat 06-Jan-18 00:48:54

She doesn't have a temperature and isn't dribbling or rosy cheeked - the amber anklet really helped with that. I know many dont believe but it really did. It's only at night she seams to be upset or when we put her for some of her day naps.

bruffin Sat 06-Jan-18 00:51:59

Amber anklet doesnt help with anything.

PinkFluffyBlanket Sat 06-Jan-18 01:13:03

If it's just unsettled sleep then it's to do with not being able to self soothe, not teething. And amber anklets do help, mine never had any symptoms of teething once I'd put the anklet on them. The rosy cheeks, swollen gums and refusal to bite went within an hour of them wearing it. Amber anklets are completely magical.

OP does your LO have a comfort at all? Or does she usually rely on you and your partner to get to sleep?

Dalesgirl16 Sat 06-Jan-18 01:23:50

She wears an amber anklet and she has two little comforters in bed. We did sleep training in September and she normally settles to sleep. She is back in our bed getting off to sleep as she wouldn't stop crying when we put her in there.

wintertravel1980 Sat 06-Jan-18 08:34:40

"...and she has eight teeth..."

So if she is teething now, it is likely to be first molars. Those may be horrendous and very different from small incisors. DD cut her first molar at 11 months and it was very painful. The pain definitely gets worse at night. We had to give DD Nurofen - even Calpol didn't help (let alone anbesol).

If your DD has got molars cutting through, you can probably see big lumps on her gums.

welshweasel Sat 06-Jan-18 08:38:57

Nurofen deffo better for teething.

Afreshnewyearplease Sat 06-Jan-18 08:40:52

Ds3 is 14 months and has molars coming through. He is fine during the day but at night he is struggling. He woke today at 330 and i gave up and got up with him at 4. I do find nurofen works better than calpol have you tried this?'

Afreshnewyearplease Sat 06-Jan-18 08:41:29

Cross post on the nurofen grin

Dalesgirl16 Sat 06-Jan-18 08:55:48

We tried ibuprofen last night in the middle of the next but but she hates taking it due to the strawberry flavour. She did eventually go to sleep...on our bed again. She won't go in her cot and we are not sleeping as we can't relax with her in our bed. I am trying to find a cherry flavour or not flavoured ibuprofen right now. Glad to hear we are not alone, I guessed these molars must be more painful. Do you give ibuprofen in the day too?, she's fine in the day. We were just about to start to wean off her reflux Medecine but this will just confuse us when looking for reflux symptoms!

bruffin Sat 06-Jan-18 08:57:16

Putting beads on a baby is dangerous, why would any sensible parent do it, they are a choking hazzard

Also if their is any succinic acid in it, then the amber has to be heatwd to 200 degrees to release it.
Also common sense says even if does work (absolutely no evidence that it does)
why would you give baby a medicine that you have no idea of the quamtity and quality of the dose.

All babies teeth differently , my df managed 4 teeth witbout us noticing without anamber bracelet.

willdoitinaminute Sat 06-Jan-18 09:31:44

Ultra soft tooth brush (Curaprox Ultra Soft -Amazon) to clean gums thoroughly. Anbesol may be irritating the gums if you are applying it too regularly.
If it is only over the last few days get her ears checked out, ear infections are more likely to cause the symptoms commonly attributed to teething.
Amber beads??? Do you allow her whole grapes? Use a bit of common sense.

Chaosofcalm Sun 07-Jan-18 09:27:43

You can get orange flavoured nurofen. There is nothing worse than tooth pain.

Amber bracelets are not going to help at all. If they did then GP would be prescribing them. How would you feel if you were in lots of pain and your GP gave a pretty braclet to make you feel better?

Dalesgirl16 Sun 07-Jan-18 16:36:28

Thanks for the tips. We do, as I say, give ibuprofen, Anbesol and teethers. I was more concerned about how to handle the night as she wants to stay with us and not go in her cot but if that's how it is that's fine, I guess, as she needs our comfort for now.

For those concerned about amber anklets, it is not being used as our 'cure' for teething and I'm not going to try to persuade anyone of their use. Obviously, there is no way we would give our child anything that might harm them! The beads are tiny and it can no way be unclasped by anyone other than an adult, if she could even reach her ankle to her mouth anyway!

willdoitinaminute Sun 07-Jan-18 20:52:58

As a dentist, it never ceases to amaze me how utterly stupid parents can be with regards to choking hazards. I have spent my working life trying to avoid dropping things down the back of people’s mouths. Our CPR training includes a large section on choking and choke hazards. When you’ve had to carry out CPR on a young child who has choked on a small piece of plastic toy (neighbours child) it’s bloody scary even though I knew what to do.
If it has a placebo effect by proxy then use whatever you want as a teething treatment but you are putting your child at risk of choking on a small amber bead. Like any chord of beads knotted or otherwise if it breaks you only need one bead! At least take it off at night if your baby sleeps in another room.

Dalesgirl16 Sun 07-Jan-18 21:24:46

She wears a babygro at night! We are not stupid! Goodnight!

PinkFluffyBlanket Mon 08-Jan-18 15:44:36

The beads are non toxic and small enough to be swallowed without choking. There are knots in between each bead so if it did snap then only one bead would come off. They are recommended by manufacturers to be taken off at night time or to be placed on baby somewhere the baby cannot grab (such as under socks or a babygrow) . Nobody is being stupid for wanting to ease their child's teething symptoms. I know amber anklets work, and I have many many friends who also know they work. (Rosy cheeks, swollen gums and refusal to bite - and eat - completely disappeared within an hour of my child wearing the bracelet - something which calpol and teething gels just could not do). I didn't want to keep giving my child medicine numerous times a day for weeks on end when I knew there was a natural remedy that worked a million times better than over the counter drugs. Same with teething gels and crystals, I don't want to be putting that crap in my child's mouth, but that was my personal choice to do so. If you do not use amber anklets or don't believe they work then that's fine, but don't look down and judge other mums that do use them, it's pathetic.

bruffin Mon 08-Jan-18 15:55:46

A fool and his money are easily parted!

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