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4 month old with chesty cough..scared the life out of me

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Tigger001 Fri 08-Dec-17 00:06:58

My 4 month old DS has just coughed in his crib and sounded like he struggled to get his breath, then as i got him he has thrown up some water. It bloomin scared me hearing him catching his breath.

He has a slight rattle when he's breathing and is chesty coughing every 5 -10 mins like he is trying to get phlegm of his chest.

Does anyone have any advice for tonight? And then advice going forward ? Going to ring to see the gp tomorrow but not sure what they can give him with him only being 4 months.

A long night of crib watching coming up...sad to see my little man poorly but still trying to smile.

icantdothis2017 Fri 08-Dec-17 09:35:43

If they think it's caused by a bacterial infection and not viral they can give antibiotics.
Poor thing .
My dd has struggled to catch her breath a few times to from bad coughs

DesignedForLife Fri 08-Dec-17 20:01:28

Keep a close eye on him and if he looks like he's struggling to breathe take him to out of hours. A bit of a cough is common, but for some babies it turns into bronchiolitus which can cause problems, DS was in hospital with it last year. Watch out for rapid breathing, flareing nostrils or sucking in under the ribs.

hellofresh Fri 08-Dec-17 21:04:19

Does he have a temp? If yes call 111 for advice, or out of hours.

Tigger001 Sun 10-Dec-17 05:21:15

Thanks for your comments and what to look out for, much appreciate. i took him to the GP on Friday morning and she said bronchiolitus occurs in babies commonly between oct and Jan and he sounded like it was that. She gave him an inhaler and said a nurse would come out to him on sat to check hiim to make sure he had not developed any with a need for more attention over the weekend
Subsequently I had a call advising the nurse would not be coming out as they only come out to babies of 20wks and over and my DS is only 18 so I need to keep a close eye on him and call 111 or take him straight in if it gets worse. So still having nights of watching the crib with thermometer and inhaler at the ready as he is still chesty coughing and sneezy but they did not say how long it would last and it definitely is worse of a night.

DesignedForLife Sun 10-Dec-17 09:42:44

Poor mite, hope he's better soon. When we got sent to the hospital with it the doctors and nurses all said the same thing - it tends to peak around day 3, so that's when you need to keep closest watch. Usually it lasts a week for the worse symptoms but sometimes the cough carries on much milder for a couple weeks in my experience.

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