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Daughters first birthday/Christmas

(4 Posts)
Graceface26 Thu 07-Dec-17 00:12:45

I just wanted some opinions. My DD was born Christmas Day last year. My question is, would this count as her first Christmas? She was here last year for a bit of it technically but this will be the first one she'll be around for properly. Me and DH have a difference of opinion here! Also, any gift ideas for a 1 year old? It seems everyone has gone overboard on gift buying for her to account for both occasions (which is lovely) but i don't have a great deal of space and also she's only 1. So I'd like to stay away from toys and larger things. Any ideas otherwise? What are you getting/got for your 1 year olds?

KatyN Thu 07-Dec-17 05:32:28

You could go for membership or classes as a present?? We had zoo and aquarium membership, or your local soft play might do a discount card?
Swimming classes?

Mol1628 Thu 07-Dec-17 05:39:01

It’s her second Christmas.

What about some ‘thats not my books’.
Some nice pictures/decorations/bedding for her bedroom.

isthistoonosy Thu 07-Dec-17 05:44:01

I'd say this is her first as she arrived to late to get presents from the fat man last year.

I'd get a push along walker, mega blocks, trip to a petting farm. Honestly you could give her some wrapping paper and balloons and she would be happy.

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