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Help! Going through a very difficult phase of Terri ble Two's! DD hitting, howling at slightest "non-provocation"

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Hopingmamma Wed 06-Dec-17 22:59:47

So my girl went from being generally sweet and independent to extremely clingy, whiny and demanding last month. I am talking glue like clingy (muuuuuummmmmm... don't go to the bathroom ..mummmmm play yyyy with me...mummmmmm i need youuuuuuu....pick meeeeeeee...i hate school...miss youuuuu). I was worried like crazy the whole time as her demands and whines drove me crazy.
Now, suddenly like a switch has flipped, she wants to become SUPER SUPER independent. Wants to do everything on her own, walk on streets alone, pee alone, eat on her own etc. I am glad she is learning to be independent. BUT this has come with a price. My sensitive, caring and sharing girl has now decided that every freaking thing is hers! If someone so much as touches her toys, she hits the kid (she has never hit anyone till now, in fact would cry when some kid hit other). Also she is at a stage of asking trazillion questions. I am talking constantly saying- what is this? How does it? When will it? And if my answer doesn't match her expectation, she howls and hits me. For eg, she asked me mum, how does ice cream feel? I said cold. She howked and said Noooo. I said its sweet. She shrieked and started pinching me. I calmly but firmly told her to stop doing that and put her in two minutes time-out. Also, she has stopped taking No for an answer. Earlier she would at least listen to my reasoning. Now its like she says lets go to the park, i say no we cannot because-..... and bam!! Before i can even finish saying anything she is flat on the ground/ floor wailing, shrinking. She has done this outside in park and I have had friends comment that she needs to learn manners. Breaks my heart. I am embarrassed.
I am so worried about the hitting and wailing at slightest opposing. Need some advise!!

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