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Not eating in case she's sick!

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Elvisola Tue 05-Dec-17 22:23:58

When DD11 was in reception a little boy vomited on the carpet in front of her. It set off a fear of vomiting which we have mainly been on top of since and although she has never liked it/ been scared of it it has been manageable.

Now she is 11. It has progressed to the point that she cannot talk about/hear about/think about illness. If you cough she runs out of the room. We took her along to
a therapist who specialises in NLP/phobias and it's got worse. To the point I'm scared to take her back because it has escalated so badly.

She is now terrified of food poisoning, won't eat meat, has safe foods like toast only, she has lost 5lbs in 4 weeks. All her bones are sticking out, she's freezing cold all the time. She eats minuscule amounts and then is terrified she will be sick. She constantly has reflux symptoms ( which we think is anxiety) and a tummy ache. If she eats a substantial amount she then is in tears because she feels she may be sick.

Ironically she is is the healthiest kid ever and has only been sick once or twice her whole life. Dr has referred her for the usual tests, all came back clear, cahms useless in my area.

Has anyone got any advice on how to play this - more than happy to throw money at it even though the therapist hasn't made any difference, I have looked at hypnosis but because she became visibly
worse afterwards I am really wary about third parties. Part of me feels like it's a phase, play it down and it will pass.

She just seems like a nervous wreck - she used to be such a happy little girl, I can't bear it

Islacornx Tue 05-Dec-17 22:43:26

That sounds awful OP, I have no advice but thanks for you and your DD. I hope you find a way to help her.


fruitpastille Wed 06-Dec-17 06:25:12

My dc was successfully treated for anxiety recently with a course of CBT that my GP referred us for. It took about 6 weeks from the original appointment so I feel quite fortunate.

From your description I would say you need some help. I can understand your fear of making it worse though. Maybe you had bad luck with the first therapist? How did you find them?

beingsunny Wed 06-Dec-17 06:43:30

So there are some good resources for emetophobia online if you google (sorry I don't have them to hand)

This must be terrifying, I suffer with this and it started when I was around seven, I was the same with food, had safe foods, wouldn't eat meat or cook for fear of food poisoning. The anxiety left me with horrendous stomach aches which fuelled my fears. This probably peaked in my late teens.

It's a control thing, she knows it's irrational but it's rationalised in her mind so don't try to force her to change. Think about offering her some security things. A stranger told me deep breaths would stave of nausea so I would do this. I liked to be outside away from potential sick germs so I would walk when my anxiety was high.

I hope you find the right help, sorry this is happening to your daughter, but there are some organisations which can advise well.


Elvisola Thu 07-Dec-17 17:54:21

Thanks so much for replying, things have been a little better the past day or 2 and I have found a lovely therapist with experience in treating this (she did well with a friends child). She described it as very gentle hypnosis and quite frankly I am happy to give anything a go. The NLP therapist I think tried to put more emphasis on talking directly about her feelings and DD just shut down with her but then the behaviour was much more intense at home.

I was terrible as a child also, even now I would leave the room if somebody looked like they were going to be ill but I never restricted food. It's this that I'm most terrified of in a pre teen girl.

I'll update the thread as we go along, hopefully it might help others.

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