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Removal of dummy

(5 Posts)
Toddlerwith1ontheway Mon 04-Dec-17 13:22:59

Hi everyone, so my lb is 2.3 and hasn’t had a dummy in the day for about 6 weeks. I’m due another baby next March so we decided to get rid of it at night also just so he forgets by time the baby is here. So on 1st December we got rid of them completely by putting them on the Christmas tree and replaced with a couple of presents for the morning.

First night was a tantrum that he couldnt take the dummies back off the tree but did actually go to sleep with his milk.

Second night was 1.5 hours of crying and trying to climb out of his cot but then slept all night.

Third night was 30 mins of crying this includes me going up and down to see him and he refused his milk-maybe because he knows it would send him to sleep?

Then forth night tonight screams before you even leave the room, screams mummy or daddy (daddy goes back away for Work tomorrow) and cries trying to climb out of cot and again refused milk but just breaks his heart clearly because he doesn’t know how to comfort himself. He doesn’t have any particular blankets or teddy’s that he’s attached too either.

I’m just looking for some advice I know it’s only been 4 days but thinking the more advice the sinner the better?

What’s your stories? Have I ruined bedtimes forever? Please help! Shall I also take the milk bottle away at the same time seeing as he’s currently refusing anyway?

Just to add I am grateful he hasn’t woken in the night YET but it’s very hard putting to sleep and he’s also waking very early around 5.00 as this is when he’s in a light sleep and can’t find a dummy to put him back asleep untill 7 which is when he used to wake up. So really looking forward to reading your advice and story’s smile

Tinty Mon 04-Dec-17 13:39:56

I'm am sorry for him poor little baby what a shame he doesn't have a special teddy, but keep going with no dummy, it would be pointless to give it back now, he will have forgotten it in a week or two and it is much better for him not to have it at this age.

My DD didn't have a dummy but was a thumb sucker and I tried many things to stop her sucking it. She stopped during the day but at night it was just a reflex straight into her mouth when she was asleep, we tried nasty tasting paint, gloves, special thumbguards and they all came off. Now she is going to have to have a brace because her teeth are protruding a lot at the front.

Keep up the good work a few weeks of an upset toddler is better than a brace when you are 12, also they now only do them on the NHS if they are protruding more than 8 mm. That is seriously out of line but if your teeth only protrude 7 mm (still looks awful, but not as severe), the NHS won't pay for it.

Toddlerwith1ontheway Mon 04-Dec-17 19:45:38

Thanks for your reply tinty! I know well his dummy was originally attached to a rabbit as I'd always hoped he would keep some type of attachment to the rabbit but no such luck! I also went to build a bear on Friday the first day without the dummy and got him a teddy which he put the heart and stuffing in etc, again hoping he would build an attachment but still no.

I'm glad you've said to keep with it, that's what I need to hear as family and friends are advising to just give it back! But your right it would be pointless especially as it's night 5 tonight. It would only be worse to give it back and then do it all over again.

Ah really I was the same I sucked my thumb untill I was about 7-8 and I ended up with a top brace as my two front teeth were sticking out. I didn't realise they had to be that far out to be on the nhs! Although doesn't surprise me!

It's not easy this parenting malarkey if only there was a hand book! X

arbrighton Tue 05-Dec-17 17:16:22

please stop using bottles, they're not meant to have them after 1 but use a cup and brush teeth before bed, both to protect teeth and avoid cavities

MrsPatrickDempsey Tue 05-Dec-17 19:03:21

It is hard but he has to make that transition to self settling at some point. There often isn’t an easy way or magic wand. Agree about milk - it’s another thing that he will associate sleep with and another habit to break (fine if you are managing to clean his teeth after). It sounds like it’s heading in the right direction with reduced crying each night.

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