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Dropping last feed/dream feeding

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Lauren112233 Sat 02-Dec-17 21:31:10

Hi there- I have a 15 week old baby girl. She's been doing amazing sleeping. Her very loose routine before was a last bottle around 8-9 then bed and sleep. Then stir about 2 but just for her dummy. Then feed 5-6.
Now she's wanting to go to sleep at 7.
So the last two nights I've put her in her cot (in our room) at 7. And she goes straight off. By this point she's had 4 7oz bottles during the day. (She's about 13.3lbs and on the 50th centile line) normally she would have another bottle before bed.
But she's that tired she is very sleepy. So I've tried to do a dream feed. But she doesn't seem too interested.
Is 4 feeds a day too little?
Should I up to 8oz during the day?
Or persist with the dream feed until weening?
😊Thank you

Smurfy23 Sat 02-Dec-17 22:41:07

If you dont feed her then when will she wake up? Babies take as much as they need. If she wakes up hungry then she needs more but if she sleeps through then she has as much as she needs

sthitch Sat 02-Dec-17 22:50:22

My DD is 11 weeks and is 13lbs 4, she has 6 feeds per day of 6oz, she is a 75 percentile baby but even so 4 feeds a day seems quite a small amount for your LO.

My LO is the same in terms of sleeping through until around 5, I know every baby is different but if she’s sleeping until 5am with just 4 feeds, she might do longer with more?

Lauren112233 Sun 03-Dec-17 02:09:50

I know 4 seems a small amount that's why I'm concerned. She will have about half her feed with a dream feed so might up the bed time one to 8oz then if she has half in a dream feed she's not far off.
So hard but she isn't crying so I assume she's full. And she's growing and thriving. Don't want to debrive her of a feed so I'll always try but like you both say if she's full she's full?
Thank you

user1493413286 Sun 03-Dec-17 20:47:18

I think across 24 hours that’s enough for a baby of her weight (at least according to my formula pot) so I wouldn’t worry about her dropping the dream feed as if she’s hungry she’ll wake up and you can keep an eye on her weight. At that age mine was having more feeds but wasn’t taking so much in one feed.

mrkaykay Sun 03-Dec-17 21:59:19

I have a 9 week old boy and we are beginning to slip into a very similar routine. He eats at 8am 12 4pm and 8pm he originally woke at 2 and 5 for feeds but now just wants his dummy at the 2am and the 5 am is getting towards 8am so sometimes doesn't get one or the other. Which would result in 4 feeds in 25th hours. He weighed 9.12 at 6 weeks on 25centile dunno what he weighs now though but has been drinking 6oz each feed all I've done on days where he hasn't eaten between 8pm and 8am is add an oz to each of the next days feeds just incase he wants them often he doesn't though.

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