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Dummy AND thumb sucking 18 mo

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carolinexiao Fri 01-Dec-17 19:25:42

So weird situation: DD had a dummy til she was about four months, then lost interest. All fine. Now at 18 mo, she started thumb sucking all of a sudden about a week ago and won't take it out!!! She'll literally take it out between bites of food and pop it back in again. I was worried about teeth etc so tried a dummy, not expecting any interest, and she loved it and wouldn't leave it alone, so then I worried about that and took it away and then the thumb went back in again. It's a no win situation. Any ideas? She's had a lot of changes recently - two new nurseries (we tried one for a month and it was rubbish so she started a new one this week); she had a monkey toy for comfort she took everywhere but now she's ditched him in favour of the thumb.
I hate it! My little chatty girl has been replaced by a quiet little thing who doesn't talk anymore because she's always sucking!!! Help 😢 X

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