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Washing comfort toy

(2 Posts)
Unexpectedbaby Fri 01-Dec-17 08:21:08

DD 11mo has a Jellycat Bunny that she is completely attached to, goes everywhere with her, won't settle of sleep without it.

But it's gross. It looks nothing like it should anymore and it's fur is no longer fluffy. It's not the look that bothers me it's more that it smells a bit and can't be very hygienic. But how do I wash it?

Not only do I not want to ruin it but I also don't want to ruin her attachment to it. Plus when would I get it watched and dried. She rubs the ears on her face to get herself to sleep and if you check on her in the middle of the night she is still cuddling it or holding an ear at least.

Is it too late to trick her with a spare?

Alwaysatyke Fri 01-Dec-17 08:23:28

DD has a jellycat bunny which gets in similar state, I machine wash it (tumble dryer too) and have never had any problems. As long as the material's not torn anywhere it should be fine. Good luck!

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