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11 month old suddenly not settling for bed.. sleep regression?.

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Louisa111 Wed 29-Nov-17 20:23:29

My 11 month old has never been the greatest of sleepers , can wake a few times in the night and still want milk to fall asleep etc but he's always been very easy to get to sleep when it's his bedtime ( between 7 and 8 )
However the past week he's been a nightmare.. I've been up some nights til 11/12 trying to get him to nod off with no luck... he's not crying just very very awake. It doesn't matter if he has his usuals naps or not.. he's still the same. Also still waking his usual time so he's getting a lot less sleep.
Today he's had a half hour nap this morning and a little nap in the car this afternoon and we are now at 8pm and he's still not nodding off.... help!! Sleep regression?. He's very nearly walking so wondered if he's gonna be like this til he has another leap in his development

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Wed 29-Nov-17 22:02:44

The first thing that sprang to mind was “is he about to walk?”. Will he sleep if you stick him in your bed?

Louisa111 Wed 29-Nov-17 22:22:59

If he wakes in the night he will but if he's not ready to sleep he won't sit still long enough to be on our bed... you would think he would wear himself out more at the moment but it's the opposite.. he's finally just gone asleep

koalab Thu 30-Nov-17 07:00:09

My DD is almost 12 months but a couple of weeks ago we had a tough week when she was waking up in the night for at least 2 hours and nothing would get her back to sleep. Then last week she started crawling, pulling herself to stand and walking while you hold her, clapping, copying more, saying new sounds. So I think it must have been a developmental thing. Fingers crossed it won't last long for you.

clarabellski Fri 01-Dec-17 13:18:29

I remember about the year mark we had a challenging few weeks with DS going to sleep but it passed. We just kept to our usual routine and came through the other end (exhausted and frazzled but alive)

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