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Surely this isn't right?

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ARS157 Wed 29-Nov-17 06:44:51

My 12 week old doesn’t sleep between bottles. He rumbled and grumbles and cries out almost constantly. Instead of getting better as he gets older he seems to be getting worse. I got less sleep last night than I did when he was a newborn. Probably around an hour in total all night. Up until now I’ve been coping okay because my husband was day shift and we were “doing shifts” at night so we both got a good five hours solid sleep which was a lifesaver but he’s just started doing nights and he’ll be nights for the foreseeable. He sleeps fine when being held (obviously, don’t they all?) but he CAN sleep lying down and has done even recently. We’ve tried all the different milks and drops for his bottles and he’s on infacol so wind isn’t really an issue. He’s on ranitidine for silent reflux and has been since 4 weeks old. I’m honestly at my wits end. We have an older son (2yo) too so sleeping during the day isn’t an option. I’m thinking of making a GP app for him to rule out anything else with his tummy? My older son was a nightmare with colic and reflux when he was a baby but even he started to improve by 3 months. I don’t think it’s colic as he doesn’t actually cry and scream and can be settled (usually) by holding. I feel like I’m starting to get anxious and down about this so considering a GP appointment for me too though I know it’s only lack of sleep causing my low mood.

Mumofprincesses Wed 29-Nov-17 23:26:02

both my girls have been like this, my oldest with severe silent reflux and my youngest with the worst case of colic me and my family have ever witnessed (we have 13 kids between us). It takes up to 2 weeks for a new milk to settle into lo's system, so I would suggest sticking to the milk you are using now. I would consider going back to doctor and asking to try infant gaviscon, I would also suggest not using the infacol or colic drops along with the reflux medication as I found they aggravated each other. colic can last for up to 5 months so it could well be that. also the changes of milk could cause constipation so he could just have a sore tummy.
its hard work, and I totally sympathise because it is completely draining and the lack of sleep can make you feel like you are drowning in depression. I know it doesn't really make it better but just hang in there because it will pass.
lots of hugs and luck. x

ODog Thu 30-Nov-17 22:27:55

have you tried safe cosleeping? DS and DD (though to a lesser extent) were like this. Happy if held but awake and cross as soon as they were put down. Safe cosleeping was the answer and we all got far more sleep. Though how you have gone 3 months is beyond me, I started cosleeping with DS at 3 days and From day 1 with DD.

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