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So nervous for tomorrow.

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guest477337 Tue 28-Nov-17 22:05:32

My partner is back at work tomorrow after paternity leave and my little boy is 1 week and 2 day old.

I'm so nervous 😩 I have anxiety about being on my own. Does everyone else feel this way?

StarDanced Tue 28-Nov-17 22:08:21

My ds is now 11 months but I definitely felt like this when my dh went back to work. I was terrified about being on my own with ds but it was ok. I'm sure other more experienced posters will be along shortly to help, but I'm sure you will be fine smile.

LemonScentedStickyBat Tue 28-Nov-17 22:10:54

I remember the fear well and it was nearly 12 years ago now. I was fine within 20 mins and just got on with it but I was so so anxious the day before. I am sure you’ll be ok!

Smurfy23 Tue 28-Nov-17 23:07:29

Youll be fine. I was in tears when DH had to go back to work. Just take it easy, put no pressure on yourself to do anything but get the two of you through the day. It takes a little while for you to get into a rhythm but you will

blue2014 Wed 29-Nov-17 08:01:56

Really really normal xxx it'll be ok, honestly

Isisizzie Wed 29-Nov-17 09:35:35

You will be fine. I felt I could face the day if I was washed and dressed before he went. So if baby or me needed some fresh air I could just put my coat on and go even if it was round the block. It was nice to have a change of scene but don't rush yourself. The only thing you need to do each day is feed you little boy and yourself. Anything else you do is a bonus.

Petrichery Thu 30-Nov-17 08:02:43

I found the “fake it till you make it” a good mindset for the terrifying early bit - sort of “right, what would i do next if i was a sorted, high-achieving super-mum who totally knew what they were doing? Hmmm, probably have a shower while baby lies on a nice safe nest of mat/blanket beside the shower, and then we can both go downstairs and watch some telly while having milk/a cuppa. Right i can do that”. After a few weeks it stops being “fake” and becomes just the new normal smile
That said, i wasn’t brave enough to go for a walk with the pram by myself until dd was 9 weeks old, so i may have been more worried than most.

TeaTeaTea Thu 30-Nov-17 09:40:06

Yep, very very normal to be feeling as you are. Realise it's now the day after - how did you get on?
As PP has said I found it best to get myself washed and dressed (doesn't have to be before DP leaves for work) so you feel ready in yourself to take on the challenges of the day. After a feed & nappy change I usually lay DD on her changing mat on bathroom floor while I have a shower - sound of the shower soothes her.

At less than 2 weeks old your DS just wants food, changing, sleep and your cuddles - I imagine I don't need to guess that you are already champion at all of that on your own.

Even going for a wee - he won't up and walk away (!) but if you feel you need to then take him into the bathroom with you on his changing mat.

It's ok to feel nervous as it prepares you but guarantee you'll feel confident very quickly.

Does your DP work far away? Can you call him at lunchtime for a reassuring chat? Might be good to call him and say "hey I'm doing great today, we walked to the shop & back" - small things but it does wonders for your confidence.

FartnissEverbeans Thu 30-Nov-17 18:25:17

I sent my DH a selfie of me and the baby on the morning of his first day back after paternity leave. That photo always makes me laugh now because I'm trying to be smiley but you can see the terror in my eyes - I look slightly manic confused

We survived the first day and went on to have a lovely time on maternity. Have fun OP smile

guest477337 Thu 30-Nov-17 18:37:15

It wasn't to bad, although he's not been sleeping much at night the past couple of nights so I nackered 😩

I just have constant anxiety around him, just wish I could relax a little and not worry so much!

My partner leave at 5am so I'm not able to get up and get ready before he leaves, I'd fall asleep in the shower 😂

I also have two cats so have to keep a constant eye on him which is worrying! I even get worried leaving him in the bedroom for five with the door shut when I nipped to the toilet!

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