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Tips for dealing with toddler struggling with new sibling

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Belleende Tue 28-Nov-17 01:47:34

We have just gained a new addition to the family this week, a very chilled out DD2. Dd1, age 2.5, usually the most secure of kids is finding it tough. Her behaviour is shocking.

Everything is a battle. Putting clothes on, taking them off etc. She is fickle as hell, make this for me, then losing her shit when you do.

She is lashing out physically when she doesn't get her way, hitting and scratching.

She is getting lots of one to one with both parents. we did a lot of prep work, bought her a pressie from baby and vice versa

How do we discipline and maintain boundaries with her when she is clearly having a tough time.

All hints and tips gratefully received.

BertieBotts Tue 28-Nov-17 02:17:09

Try the book Siblings Without Rivalry. It's written by the same people who did How To Talk.

Remember as well that although of course it probably is somewhat a reaction to the new baby, some of it could also be normal toddler stuff coming up!

Belleende Tue 28-Nov-17 11:31:48

Ordered. Ta.

BellyBean Sat 02-Dec-17 21:20:00

DD was 3.5 when dd2 came along but I wanted to reassure you a lot of the same happened to us. DD totally regressed with getting dressed/undressed herself, toileting, and hitting us when frustrated.

We continued to enforce same boundaries for behaviour but lowered expectations around getting dressed etc, and it eased up within a month.

I always prioritied time with DD over chores.

Sounds like you're doing everything right, doesn't mean it's not a process she needs to go through. For us, the worst was 4-8 weeks.

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