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Baby change facilities - Thomson flight

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Samila Thu 23-Nov-17 05:06:17


Does anyone know what the baby change facilities are like on a Thomson short haul flight (U.K. To the canaries). I am worried that they are in the toilets - having been on flights below toilets are as a squeeze as it is not to mention dirty are we expected to change babies in there or is there separate facilities or a separate larger toilet changing area??

Panicking! Advice appreciated xx

yowerohotesies Thu 23-Nov-17 05:25:54

I've only been on easyjet flights lately not Thompson but you are being ridiculous. Of course there is not going to be a separate baby change area that isn't a toilet.

There will be a fold - down shelf in the toilet. It will be fine.

Pack a little (<100ml) spray bottle of disinfectant to wipe down surfaces if you must, but your baby isn't going to be harmed by being changed in an in-flight toilet.

Orangedaisy Thu 23-Nov-17 05:38:30

Agree with pp. Also minimise what you take into toilet with you-pack a nappy bag with 1 nappy, a mini pack of wipes and cream (if you need cream, or just g a couple of hours without it) rather than trying to take a changing bag in with you.

You may find your DC doesn't need changing at all-unless they poo the flight is short enough for 1 nappy to last.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Thu 23-Nov-17 05:43:06

Going to be slightly kinder in my response.

No, there won’t be separate changing and other flyers may not appreciate a baby being changed on seat before that’s a suggestion.

I get your worry though. I thought the same when bringing my nearly toilet trained DD on holiday. How the hell were we both supposed to fit in one tiny stall?!? Luckily, I didn’t have to find out.

Longdistance Thu 23-Nov-17 05:50:14

Most toilets have a pull down baby change shelf on aircraft. Don’t change your babies nappy on a seat, that’s disgusting as someone has to sit there after.
Take a change mat with you to lay on the baby change shelf, there’s plenty of room for a baby. Most airlines will have a sign where the baby change is, which toilet, if not every toilet.

mrsnec Thu 23-Nov-17 05:56:13

Not helpful but I did a scheduled flight recently with two toddlers. It was just the normal toilet on board. It was tiny but clean with a pull down changing mat. Same length flight. Dd screamed the place down. I couldn't even dress her properly after. Dh changed ds in our seat as I had such a trauma with dd!

For the flight home we changed them just before boarding and they slept the entire flight. My tip would just be to put them in clothes and shoes that are easy and quick to get on. This wasn't a Thomson flight though but I can't imagine them being that different.

runsmidgeOMG Thu 23-Nov-17 08:05:32

Yep Thomson flights are one baby change within a main toilet I believe to the rear of the aircraft. Did uk to Croatia in August... DH changed DD, he didn't have any complaints.

The only annoying thing is the potential of getting caught behind service trolleys and such but there are ways of letting you pass when convenient for the air hosts.

Hope you have a nice flight

Samila Thu 23-Nov-17 08:27:14

Thank you all - in that case will pack a small purse type thing with me for the plane that just has the essentials as opposed to taking the whole changing bag x

Changerofname987654321 Thu 23-Nov-17 13:37:58

Changing on a plane was not as bad as I expected but I would change your baby just before you board the plane and as soon as you land.

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