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Breast feeding - bottle at night

(7 Posts)
ahsat84 Thu 23-Nov-17 03:16:52

Hi all

My LO is 6 weeks old and I decided to try a bottle of formula last night to see if it got her to sleep better in the night so I could finally get some sleep. Prior to this I have been EBF and she has been gaining weight well and wetting nappies / pooing etc. She slept 3 hours which is great for us.

In the morning my right breast was really engorged, she fed from it and I fed as normal through the day. I noticed the right breast was much smaller than the left and she was fussing when feeding on that side which is new and was not content or full until I fed from the left

Could this all be due to one bottle of formula??

Should I
1. Continue with night formula and just feed more from right breast in the day
2 just stop the formula
3. Start expressing - if so how often

Thank you smile

BendingSpoons Thu 23-Nov-17 19:48:27

I'm not an expert, but I think night feeds are good for supply. How long did you go between feeds? No advice on whether you should continue formula, hopefully someone else well come along. Just to say, 5 weeks was a real low point for me in terms of sleep deprivation. I bought a pump and expressed but had a bottle refuser so was pointless! Things did start to get a bit easier though.

TittyGolightly Thu 23-Nov-17 19:49:41

FF babies sleeping longer is a big fat myth.

Night feeds are really important for supply.

Can you rest during the day? You need to go with the flow with a baby this young.

TittyGolightly Thu 23-Nov-17 19:51:09

Going too long between feeds can lead to blocked ducts (milk goes sour) and enforcement and can lead to infection (mastitis).

FatRedCrayon Thu 23-Nov-17 20:06:07

It's really unlikely to have been one formula feed which caused it. Your boobs are constantly adjusting to baby's needs and baby will feed more or less depending how hungry they are at each feed. If you continue to offer formula they'll get used to it. If you feel one side is engorged, you could feed on that one first, or pump. When my DD dropped her night feeds I'd wake up with huge boobs and spray her in the face when she started to feed! This obviously caused her to splutter and complain a bit. But after a few days my body adjusted. It's still early days - take each day as it comes.

user1493413286 Thu 23-Nov-17 20:35:32

If you want to continue formula then I would carry on and let your boobs just adjust. At 6 weeks we started giving formula at the 10.30 feed and for a couple of days a boob got very full/engorged but it soon adjusted. The same thing happened when my baby naturally dropped the 1am feed; a couple of times I woke before my baby at 3/4am because I was so full but it didn’t last long.

Nottalotta Thu 23-Nov-17 21:35:06

Ds2 has had a bottle at bedtime since 1 week. Started with ebm but once he was taking more than 2oz (all I could express) I switched to formula. He's 9 months now and still has a bottle of formula at bedtime (although has started refusing it, think he's still full from dinner)

It makes no difference to his sleep. It does though mean that someone else can feed him, either at bedtime or in the day as he's happy with a bottle.

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