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Struggling with anxiety and relationship with 6 year old

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sortingmyselfoutslowly Tue 14-Nov-17 11:03:30

My daughter is nearly 7. She is very bright and has worked out that something is wrong. .. I'm unwell with anxiety at the moment and have been taking sertraline for 8 days. The side effects are awful. I've been on them before so know I'll start to deal better soon but right now I'm very panicky and don't have as much patience as I would like. She is very sensitive just recently and cries easily which I find very hard to deal with, I panic and end up shouting at her. I want to be a better mum which is why I'm taking the meds but they aren't working yet. Last night we had quality time together which was great and it was very calm. But this morning on the way to school I snapped at her and she cried. It was hard for me to comfort her although i did manage it. I desperately want to get it right but I keep messing things up. Things just come out of my mouth and I'm not as kind as I want to be. Not sure why I'm posting but it is hard. My 4 year old boy is fine as he hasn't realised anything us wrong due to his age, he is much more easy going anyway and I have more quality time with him as I work part time and he's not at school yet. I'm terrified of having a bad relationship with my little girl.

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