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3mo sleeping midnight to midday

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MenorcaSunrise Mon 13-Nov-17 12:46:35

Baby's sleeps used to be quite regular, completely baby-led, midnight to 7am with intermittent sleepy feeds, and during the day naps every 2-3h, taking anywhere from 30 mins to 3h. This worked for all of us (though reading up on it now, it seems he may not have been getting enough?).

At 3 months his morning nap started running into his overnight sleep, so he is effectively sleeping from midnight to midday (he's still asleep now!)

We tried to start a routine in the evenings, but if we try it too early he'll still take ages to settle, go to bed, have a short nap, and be fully alert for 3h. It's hard to keep his bedtimes regular - it depends on when his last nap finished. And it doesn't help that he's teething and very grumpy at the moment.

Can we do anything to shift his long sleep back by an hour or two or should we just let him get on with it? If he needs to sleep then I don't want to deprive him. The only thing I can think of doing is taking him out in the pram in the mornings to encourage him to wake him up naturally in the daylight and hope that he'll want to go to bed earlier.

BendingSpoons Mon 13-Nov-17 12:49:54

I found DDs sleep gradually got earlier by itself. I think your plan of lots of sunlight is a good one (being outside lots and near the windows too). Personally I wouldn't worry about doing anything else for now and just see how it goes.

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