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Shoes and measuring feet

(2 Posts)
fivefour3twoone Mon 13-Nov-17 10:32:34

Ds is 3 and we currently get feet measured every 3 months which usually results in us going up a shoe size, is this normal and what age do their feet start to slow down (I appreciate he'll still get through loads of shoes but hoping not every 3 months!!!)

ODog Mon 13-Nov-17 13:59:29

I don’t deal in half sizes anymore. Rightly or wrongly. I do for my 1yo but not for the 3yo. Take him to get measured whenever his shoes start to seem tight. Last time he measured a whole size bigger than his shoes he was in but the lady in Clarks said that his smaller shoes technically still fit even though he measured larger. Obviously I bought him the bigger shoes but it confirmed in my mind that half sizes aren’t the end of the world. I might get flamed for this though.

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