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4 year old taking hours to go asleep

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Bluefargo Sun 12-Nov-17 21:59:22

My DD has been a great sleeper from 6 weeks. She is now 4. We have had problems in the last 2 or 3 months of getting her asleep. This presents in the following ways

1. Getting very upset if we close the door to her room(so it’s left open)
2. Very upset if one of us does not stay upstairs while she goes asleep (so one of us now stays upstairs until she’s asleep)
3. Requires the light in the hall on to sleep (which keeps her awake)
4. Keeps calling out / shouting about being scared
5. If we try discipline her she becomes very upset / more shouting & crying

It’s become a total battle every night - often taking 2 hours to get her asleep. Often she is so tired she cries herself to sleep.

Any advice from other parents who have been through this?

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