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Stuck in same phase for weeks!

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amys14 Sun 12-Nov-17 19:29:18

Hi all

My little one is nine weeks old.

Ever since he was like two weeks old he has had a feed every two and a half to three hours (tops!). He is putting on weight very well and must be around 12lbs now (he was four weeks early and weighed 5lb13oz).

He is still in this same cycle of feeds (three hours at most and up to 6oz at a time) and very rarely settles between bottles at night - always rumbling and farting and grunting and crying out. So much so that it is actually impossible to sleep with him beside us. We are STILL taking shifts on the couch with him beside us so one of us can get a rest up in bed while the other naps on the couch. Nine weeks on we are both sore and dreaming of the day we can share a bed again! During the day he can nap lying on his back fine and is quiet, it’s only at night. He is on Ranitidine for silent reflux too.

Everyone from my antenatal group who had babies around the same time seem to be noticing slow improvements in sleep at night and gradually going longer between feeds (even 15-30 mins extra) so I just suppose I’m looking for reassurance that this is still quite normal as it just seems at the moment that we are the exception! One positive is he seems to be taking less at night than during the day so maybe working towards going longer between?

This is baby no 2 and our first son had reflux too but he settled okay between bottles and was sleeping longer between by now too.

CarefullyAirbrushedPotato Sun 12-Nov-17 19:36:40

There's research that correlated improvement in reflux with division of tongue tie. Might be worth looking into

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