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Cranial osteopath?

(20 Posts)
KimchiLaLa Sun 12-Nov-17 19:12:25

Jam considering this for my DD who is suffering from reflux. Currently on ranitidine but it seems to be wearing off and ideally I'd like her to not be on it (despite it working wonders at first).

She was sleeping much better at night at 5 weeks and in the past few days is much crankier in both night and day. The reflux never affected her in the day before, now it does. Have elevated her basket as always and that's made no difference. She's always cranky when awake. It breaks my heart as I know she's in pain.

I've found a good chiropractor who specialises in children but before I bite the bullet would love to know if anyone has done this and your experiences - good and bad - and if anyone knows of the risks?

CarefullyAirbrushedPotato Sun 12-Nov-17 19:21:59

I prefer cranial osteopathy to chiropractic, but getting the tongue tie divided was definitely a part of the improvement

HeyMicky Sun 12-Nov-17 19:24:21

Reflux is caused by an immature esophogeal sphincter. Cranial osteopathy (purportedly) moves the bones in the skull. To me, that's like saying cracking your knuckles can fix your pelvic floor. They're just not remotely related.

DD1 had reflux and you have my utmost sympathy. It's a bastard. But CO has absolutely no evidence to support it.

How long since you've had her ranatadine dose assessed? Do you think it needs to be increased she's grown? I know you say you'd rather her not be on it but it's designed to help flowers

Lozmatoz Sun 12-Nov-17 19:28:10

Yes, yes, yes! I’m pregnant with my third and intend to take him once born regardless of any problems or not. Been with other 2 and have always noticed a difference.

MoonGeek Sun 12-Nov-17 19:32:55

We took our first but not our second but I wish we had. They can help with all sorts of things. I would go.

Anatidae Sun 12-Nov-17 19:36:30

Chiropractic is woo. And can be dangerous. Plenty of case reports of damage, dissected arteries and deaths. Avoid.
There is zero evidence for the idea of subluxations. Babies skulls are not to messed with.

Your baby is at the age where the gut is undergoing major development and growth - the gut flora is expanding and it’s peak time for refluxy, colicky symptoms. It’s a hard time (I remember it well!)

Ranitidine is one line of attack - suggest keeping the baby upright as much as you can after feeds (sling.) also go back to the doc and try olmeprazole - sometimes that works where ranitidine isn’t.

Lots of stuff also gets misdiagnosed as reflux. Tongue ties and intolerances to milk protein for example. And often, it’s just a very hard phase they go through - I remember 5-8 weeks as being really trying.

Good luck, but don’t use a chiropractor!

ShovingLeopard Sun 12-Nov-17 19:41:19

Poor you and DD, I've been there with mine, and it's a nightmare.

I would go for Cranial, rather than chiropractic. It may work a miracle, or may not do anything noticeable, depending on the cause of the reflux. Some babies suffer impingement of nerves to the stomach which can be released by it.

The Ranitidine dose needs to be upped frequently as they grow, also there is a minimum, median and maximum dose per weight, and often GPs use the minimum dose, whereas paediatricians may use the higher one. Also, if your DD needs something stronger a PPI like lansoprazole can be prescribed, but GPS can be reluctant to do this without say-so of a paediatrician.

Have allergies/intolerances been considered yet?

WowAnActualBaby Sun 12-Nov-17 19:44:33

My DS had reflux and we went to the cranial osteopath. We were exhausted and worn down from the screaming and pretty much up for trying anything that might help!

We had 4 sessions and I found it made no difference so I cancelled it. If you do go make sure you get a clear answer on how many sessions they expect you to need. I found the one I went to was really vague and I felt I was just being led on and on, and it wasn't cheap!

Sorry if this is a stupid question... but you are increasing the ranitidine dose with weight aren't you? We found that as soon as it seemed to be wearing off it meant that we had to get him re-weighed and the dose increased.

It's hell, I'm so sorry you're going through it - just hang on in there.

There are some things that did help us. If you want me to go through them let me know. I just don't want to post a long list here uncalled for!!

KimchiLaLa Sun 12-Nov-17 19:50:20

Thanks all

Wowanactualbaby it would be useful, thank you...

She is much heavier than when first prescribed it but my usual GP cannot register us now as I've moved so I will need to first register with a new GP then go through the entire process again.

WowAnActualBaby Sun 12-Nov-17 19:51:00

Oh, and I know it feels wrong to be giving a little one medicine like ranitidine. I felt the same. However, if it does work and you keep a close eye on the dose vs weight, it can make such a difference. In the end I decided that the lack of good sleep and feeding in his early weeks was far more damaging vs giving ranitidine for 6 months (he was taken off it and reflux cleared within 2 weeks of starting weaning).

Just try to look after yourself too and don't be hard on yourself, you are doing your best xxx

WowAnActualBaby Sun 12-Nov-17 23:04:09

KimchiLaLa I really struggled to get the GP to take the ranitidine dose seriously. I ended up working out the formula for the dose myself so I could keep an eye on it and make a GP appointment in advance when it looked like it would need increasing soon. I worked out my GP was also not prescribing it correctly at first so it's good to have an idea of the NHS guidance on it yourself so you can keep tabs on it.

Sorry for the essay below. I've recently sent a friend an email trying to help her with her reflux baby, so I've just copied and pasted it for you!

"...These are things that helped us in no particular order. No idea if they will be any use but if one thing helps it's worth it!

Swaddling with a large muslin with his hands up by his face so he could suck them for comfort.

Using a dummy to help settle him to sleep.

Sleeping him on his side, propped safely with rolled muslins/towels and, later, on his front. This is against SIDS guidelines - before I did this he was only sleeping for 1/2 hour stretches and not feeding properly and losing weight. We did it under the guidance of a paediatrician and used an under mattress movement monitor. It made a massive difference for us but it's a very personal choice.

Keeping him upright after feeding and very gentle movements. I bought one of those baby bjorn bouncy chairs second hand which cost a fortune but I used and used and used it. It has quite an upright setting which he seemed to find comfortable after a feed.

Also carrying him in a sling helped too and meant I could keep him upright but do things (i.e. go for coffee with a friend - Stuff housework ;-)

I breast fed but gave him formula at the bedtime 7pm feed as I found he settled easier and was less sick when I put him down to sleep after this.

A flannelette pillow case/ large muslin tucked over the top of the mattress is cosy but also easily changed and replaced if he's sick everywhere!

I followed a routine for sleep and naps. It hardly ever worked 100% but massively helped my mental state as I felt I had a plan throughout the day rather than just facing hours not knowing what to do with a screaming baby! I definitely found his reflux symptoms improved when feeding every 3 hours(ish) rather than on demand. It also helped me learn to 'read' his cry. i.e. if he was screaming but hadn't slept for 4 hours I knew it could be over-tiredness rather than reflux (or a mix of the both as I always think it's harder to cope with pain if very tired).

I was given the book "The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan" by Alison Scott Wright. This gets a lot of criticism on the internet but I took the decision that I was sensible enough to apply the advice I found useful and ignore any bits I didn't agree with. It has a really handy chapter on reflux. This was particularly useful when trying to convince the GP that something really was wrong. Also for understanding the medication options available.

I had a brilliant friend who helped when she could. I would feed him until he was too distressed to continue. She would then take him off me and sooth him (and let me have a cry too!) and then give him back for me to continue when he was calm. Don't be afraid to accept help!

Tried cranial osteopath and also some other similar-ish treatment which I can't remember the name of at the moment (bowan maybe??)! Neither helped and I felt a waste of money. I think at the time I was just desperate for someone to have the magic solution. If you do try it make sure you get them to let you know how many sessions they expect you to need and not let it go on and on...

Starting weaning got rid of the reflux and him off ranitidine within 2 weeks.

Most importantly - take care of yourself. It affected me very badly and I ended up feeling physically sick with anxiety, something that has never affected me before. With hindsight I should have accepted more of the help that was offered by family and friends and been more honest with my GP on how I was feeling..."

DumbledoresPensieve Mon 13-Nov-17 14:45:21

We didn't try it because I've heard enough stories to scare me away from it. My DS had awful silent reflux. I feel for you, it's really really hard.

We were on ranitidine too but found the effects wore off quickly. Had to be upped regularly with weight gain and also once the bottle was a fortnight old it degraded and didn't work so well. The only thing that really helped was Omeprazole suspension. If the reflux is bad you'll probably find that either that or Lansoprazole are what helps. Both would need to come from a paediatrician - can you get a referral to hospital?

QueenAmongstMen Mon 13-Nov-17 16:31:06

I took my DS to see an Cranial Osteopath when he was about 9 weeks old as I had so many problems breast feeding him due to him having had a tongue tie and also problems with his neck always being twisted to one side.

The woman was AMAZING. She had healing hands and it was fascinating to watch her work her magic grin

From his very first session the problem I'd had since he was 3 weeks old completely disappeared. His latch/attachment to the breast was so much improved.

He had a second appointment with her a few weeks ago and from feeling around his skull and neck she said she was very happy with his progress.

He's got his final treatment session with her next week.

My DS is also on Ranitidine but I have no idea whether Osteopathy had any effect on reflux as that's not the reason I initially went to her.

She did do some work on his abdomen, pressure points and rubbing motions etc but she said that it was to improve the freedom of his tongue - how it works I have no idea but at 12 weeks of age he can now finally stick his tongue out.

I was very sceptical about going to see an Osteopath at first but she has worked wonders with DS.

I wouldn't go to a Chiropractor.

If you do use a Cranial Osteopath try and ask around to find a recommended one who works with infants. The one I see works at a clinic with two other osteopaths but she's the only one who can treat the babies and she said it's so, so common to treat babies these days.

My DS's GP was horrified when I mentioned he was seeing an Osteopath, told me it wasn't appropriate and that I shouldn't take him again. It's fair to say I completely ignored that piece of advice....

NameChange30 Mon 13-Nov-17 17:37:40

My son has silent reflux and I took him to an osteopath but I don't think it made any difference.

If you don't mind me changing the subject slightly, how long did it take for the ranitidine to make a difference? We have recently started DS on it and he seems to be worse not better sad

Misst83 Mon 13-Nov-17 19:28:06

My ds1 had really bad acid reflux. We ended up trying a cranium osteopath out of desperation really. He was frequently projectile vomiting and not sleeping very well. I don't think that it really helped (we had four sessions) but my friend tried it for hers and she's sure it did. It may be worth a try if you feel like you have exhausted all other options.
I would advise though if the ranitadine has stopped working to go back to the GP and ask to try omeprazole. The ranitadine stopped working for ds1 but the omeprazole was great. He was still projectile vomiting everywhere but it didn't seem to bother him so much and helped him to sleep better.
Also just wanted to say I completely feel for you, it is absolute hell but it does get better. Make sure you are getting all the support you can from your health visitor and GP.

KimchiLaLa Tue 14-Nov-17 12:57:05

Thanks for your help all. I did find a chiro who did cranial osteopathy and was recommended by a few people but she hasn't returned calls so I've found another recommendation.

I also got her ranitidine upped so hopefully that does help. Does anyone know if ranitidine helps the pain of reflux or is it meant to stop the acid from coming up (or both?). I ask as I gave her the new dose today (in addition to the old doses from yesterday and day before, so I'm sure there is some in her system) and she seemed much less fraught after a feed but did vomit still.

Newbietwo Tue 14-Nov-17 13:05:16

Ranitidine stops the stomach producing so much acid. So it doesn’t stop the reflux, but it doesn’t hurt as much for them then. That’s how I was explained it anyway!

It took ages for my lo’s reflux/ cmpa/ fpies to be diagnosed and I was so anti giving him medicine. Gave him a tiny amount of infant gaviscon haphazardly until 6 months (he was also ebf so a total faff) and then drs suggested ranitidine. It made such a difference as long as the dosage wa correct for his weight. At 15 months he is still on it as he still has silent reflux and we still have food trials to do whcih will exacerbate his reflux in all likelihood.

We tried a cranial osteopath who was LOVELY with him, but it made no difference whatsoever.

So possible to have not just reflux but that and a food allergy and for us medicine has been essential in settling ds.

KimchiLaLa Tue 14-Nov-17 17:01:36

Thanks - how long do you think it would take to see an improvement from the increased dose?

KimchiLaLa Sat 18-Nov-17 01:10:01

Update: I went to see a highly recommended CO. I've noticed DD is burping better but...her sleep has regressed at night. Usually just wakes at 3am ish and then 7, tonight has been up 9, 10, and now 1. No idea why. Anyone experienced this?

arbrighton Sat 18-Nov-17 14:54:43

that's just babies I'm afraid- sleep not linear. We've gone from 4 hours, 3 hours, 2 hours consecutive to waking pretty much every hour (thankfully no feeding every time)

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