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4 month old

(8 Posts)
mehhh Sun 12-Nov-17 18:43:26

Hey everyone,

My dd is 4 months old, she has always been very independent and likes to lay on the floor etc playing in her own space never been huge on cuddles etc she has been an amazing sleeper since the first month or so she is breastfed but I'm introducing bottles in the evenings as it makes her settle she doesn't seem to get enough from me in the evenings and is quite restless

Currently she's becoming more and more hard work she is quite whingy at the moment sometimes not even crying just whinging, she has toys constantly, she is napping less etc... she has started to dribble and chew an awful lot, could she potentially be starting to teethe causing these changes?

I know they change constantly etc and totally prepared for that, I just don't want the whinging to be because she's sore, I originally thought it was just talking but she's doing it around the same time every evening

I can't see any teeth coming through but I presume they start with the pain before they pop through.. is there anything I can do to help with it?

Also what kind of play and routine do people have at this stage?

Sorry for rambling and going on, I don't have babies in the family so not really have anyone to ask for advice and it's my first!

Thank you xx

sexymamma17 Sun 12-Nov-17 19:49:30

Sounds as though your LO is teething. Their teeth don’t come through for a while but they do suffer with the pain before their teeth come along. I give my baby Ashton’s & Parson’s powder which is AMAZING for teething. Give 2.5ml of calpol if needed. Take your LO up to bed and maybe sing a lullaby while having a cuddle before they go to sleep. My routine for my 6 month old is to bath her at 7pm, 8oz bottle at 7:30pm then bed at 8pm.
Hope this helps smile

mendandmakedo Sun 12-Nov-17 20:03:37

could it be colic type symptons if it is happening each evening and you have started giving her bottles?

mehhh Sun 12-Nov-17 22:41:03

Thank you @sexymamma17 I had a feeling she was and she's not just putting things in her mouth she's chewing and it's not like her to be so restless and needy 😩 she's usually happy in her own space as long as she's fed and clean! Amazing thank you I will try that

@mendandmakedo thank you, she had colic when she was first born but it has settled now and the crying etc is different this time... she's always had one bottle per day she's now just started to want an extra 4 oz or so earlier on as well as her usual

overduemamma Sun 12-Nov-17 22:42:43

Sounds like teething. Calpol and teething crystals were great with my 2. Can't see if being colic now as they are meant to grow out of it at 3/4 months x

Smurfy23 Sun 12-Nov-17 22:44:57

Is it frustration? Dd started getting a bit annoyed at that time that she couldnt do what she wanted to do/play with toys properly as she wasn't physically able to sit up properly or stand. We spend a lot of time now playing standing up and sitting down which she loves

mehhh Mon 13-Nov-17 16:58:37

Thank you everyone going to get some of the powder today is it sold in supermarkets?

I have some anbesol someone bought for me in a hamper will this be any use at this point?

BootsCats Mon 13-Nov-17 17:10:16

Most supermarkets should sell Teething granules. Also if you find calpol doesn’t work you could try neurofen as that’s anti inflammatory aswell as pain relief and worked a lot better than anything else with dd when she was teething.

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