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Antenatal classes in THE UK

(2 Posts)
Theparentingchapter Sun 12-Nov-17 17:26:35

Hi ladies, can anyone recommend any antenatal classes in the UK that are led by down-to-earth and modern teachers? Ones where you've walked away feeling good and then found you weren't feeling so let down post-birth, in terms of the expectations vs. reality? Don't get me wrong, the expectation vs. the reality can always be different! thank you

mindutopia Mon 13-Nov-17 12:47:21

We did NCT classes and thought they were fantastic. It was all very positive and we talked about a range of birth experiences and how to prepare, and we also spent time focusing on relationship issues and parenting and what it's like after baby arrives (which I think is frankly much more challenging and overwhelming than giving birth). I felt very supported and we made some lovely friends.

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