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Noises whilst sleeping

(5 Posts)
mustbemad17 Sun 12-Nov-17 17:12:58

I've posted once before about my DD & how noisy she is at night - it's not night terrors, more moaning & chattering in her sleep. It is constant, & loud; myself & my OH are knackered because it disturbs our sleep.

DD slept at a friend of mine's last night & apparently didn't make a peep! It knocked me sideways when she said it & now i'm puzzling myself over why she is so vocal at home (also at grandparents') but yet was fine at someone else's house.

There's nothing untoward at home, me & OH don't row, we have a good, steady routine that DD knows. She has calm time before bed, so she isn't going to bed hyped up. Yet every night without fail she starts up.

Anybody have anything similar?? I don't want to approach the school nurse about it because it isn't disrupting DD health wise, but we definitely need to do something before baby number 2 arrives; OH & I won't be sleeping a wink otherwise!

MrsBriteSide Sun 12-Nov-17 19:11:43

No experience of this to help you I’m afriad but are you sure she didn’t make a peep at your friend’s house? Maybe they just slept through it!

mustbemad17 Sun 12-Nov-17 19:26:53

Nope, my mate is an insomniac & also has 2 SD & an OH that talk/wail etc. She said that my daughter was the quietest one 😂 I just can't fathom it

usernameavailable Sun 12-Nov-17 21:18:12

I haven't experience with dc doing it at home and not when somewhere else.
My eldest DD is a sleepwalker. I have had to put locks on all rooms except for bedrooms. She has turned cooker on in bed. I take all sets of front door keys to bed with me.
DD2 will sometimes walk but she mainly talks and laughs,
DD3 who is only 1, is a sleep walker and talker.
It doesn't necessarily mean anything is untoward at home. I used to walk now I talk.
My poor DP is kept awake most of the night by at least one if us seves him right with that blinking snore he has
I have had so many suggestions, none of them work. However any stress we are all walking and talking all night.
Sorry, i know I am not much help, but just want to hold your hand and tell you, you are not alone!
Your child may grow out of it x

mustbemad17 Mon 13-Nov-17 07:59:05

Thank you 🙂 I have noticed that the more tired she is, the worse it is. Haha my OH snores too, I have to roll him over as I cannot stand it 🙈
I should be greatful that she isn't screeching or walking!

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