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What consequences do you have?

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FGSholdthedoor Fri 10-Nov-17 16:05:41

Just that really, I've seen lots of threads recently about difficult behaviours in children and teens etc and lots of different suggestions on how to deal with them.

How quickly did you establish boundaries and consequences with your DCs?

What is completely out of order in your book and what consequences does it entail?
Also what would you let slide?

I have a young DC myself but he's not really of age for much "consequences" or "punishment" I don't think but I'm trying to get a grasp of things.

Catalufa Fri 10-Nov-17 17:42:39

I have three DC age 8 to 12. The most challenging time I’ve been through as a parent was when one of them went through a hitting phase when he was 2yo. The consequence I introduced was that, after ONE warning, we would leave the place we were immediately (even if we had just arrived / paid to enter etc). After following through a few times this eventually worked really well.

At the moment they’re all pretty well behaved tbh. I do things like take the iPad away if they’re fighting over it.

Coconut0il Fri 10-Nov-17 18:53:21

I have two, DS1 is 14 and after a warning it's a removal of phone, Xbox, tv for a period of time. I normally say something to him like 'think carefully about what you want to happen next' and he normally stops his attitude (the cause of most arguments).
Ds2 is 2. He also gets a warning first, just 'no' and a stern face. If he does whatever it was again, normally chucking toys at the moment, then the item is removed.

Mamabear4180 Sat 11-Nov-17 19:17:31

I don't do consequences, I do rewards instead. My 14 year old DD has an iphone 6 but she doesn't have it all the time, it's something she gets to access when jobs are done, family time is over etc. She might get a bit longer with it for good behaviour or achievements etc. I find this way there's less battle or threats etc.

For younger children it would be sweets/TV time/painting nails etc. (can you tell I have 3 girls).

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