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Pressure to stop breastfeeding

(9 Posts)
Catlover1812 Fri 10-Nov-17 00:01:43

My DD is almost 6 months old and I'm getting pressure from my family to stop breastfeeding. DD was ebf until 3 months and since then has been combination fed. I've had two weekends recently when I have left my DD with my (very willing) parents. They will take any opportunity to look after her and are wonderful with her.

My mum, dad and sister (who still lives at home) have said I'm 'disrupting' DD routine by being away for 'so long' and that it's not fair on her. I express several times a day as I'm conscious of the implications of this on my supply. I should add that bf has never been an issue and I've been so lucky. These are the people who pressured us months ago to go away for a weekend with DH so they could look after DD. My mum bf my sister and I for 9 months so I don't understand this pressure. It's quite upsetting tbh. Has anyone been in a similar situation? How did you handle it? How long did you bf for (ebf and combi)? Thank you!!

Makesmilingyourbesthobby Fri 10-Nov-17 01:16:03

3 dd's, dd1-ebf 6 months then formula after 6 months, dd2 the same, dd3 is 3 months old and is ebf plan to do same with her ebf until six months,
She is your dd & you shouldn't feel pressured or make any decisions on other peoples opinions,
Advice & experience is all you should take from others you do what you feel is best for dd & you,
But if it is upsetting her when you are not there to bf her i think it is something you should take on board when your considering her feeding plan

JWrecks Fri 10-Nov-17 02:07:46

Well, if you want to keep bfing, you keep bfing!!

That's your choice, and your DD's choice, and the way I look at it is that it's nobody else's business. If it's only rare that you are away from her, then it's not terribly disruptive, and if she's combination feeding as well, then it's probably good for her to get used to other ways of eating.

I don't mean to pry, but are you a lone parent? If not, and your DP helps with feedings, then you can use that as an example of DD being perfectly able to eat without you around - just as a way to make your argument. If you a LP, then it's definitely important that she get used to other means of eating at some point, and you can express or whatever and get by just fine.

Though, IMO, I don't think you need any backup to your position. Basically, it's your choice and there is not a soul in the world who has the right to pressure you into stopping breastfeeding (except perhaps a GP if there were a problem).

I'd tell them to keep their noses out of it!!

Themummy76 Fri 10-Nov-17 07:49:15

A weekend away is long time to leave a 6 month old whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding - they need their parents at this age

I think this is what your family are saying - not about the breastfeeding!

Fwiw I fed my dc1 to 20 months and dc2 still going at 15 months

Meeep Fri 10-Nov-17 07:50:59

Get used to it. Everyone pressures you to breastfeed then everyone pressures you to stop. You've got to be stubborn to carry on.

Themummy76 Fri 10-Nov-17 07:53:49

She clearly was crying a lot when you left her and they couldn’t settle her as she only wanted boob - I don’t really know how you can have a great time away knowing someone else is upset but that’s just me! If you are comfortable with it and think the benefits to you being a better mum for the break outweigh that then go for it! You’ll get a lot of people tell you how to parent - you just have to do what you think is right and ignore everyone else

VeganIan Fri 10-Nov-17 09:17:24

Unless the people pressuring you to stop are also the ones that are going to be mucking around with cleaning bottles and warming milk at 2am, they can bugger off.

If you're happy and it's easier for you - carry on. What gives them this sort of input into your parenting decisions anyway? Are you to start deferring all such decisions to them?

AnnaT45 Fri 10-Nov-17 09:22:14

Cant believe the comments about leaving your baby. left my dd at four months to go a hen do. I pumped like crazy so my supply was fine. She was cool with a bottle and my DH loved having the time with her. Leaving your baby with family so you can have a break is absolutely fine if you feel comfortable with that. I’m incredibly close to my family and have no issue with this whatsoever!

I BF both of mine till 9 months but had to stop for health reasons. I would crack on as long as you can. In the night it’s far easier than formula!

Catlover1812 Fri 10-Nov-17 15:10:37

Thanks so much for your replies. Anna, I appreciate your comments smile, thank you. I don't leave my baby constantly, she is in the best hands with two sets of grandparents who are wonderful with her. They encourage my DH and I to have a break every now and then, even just a meal out. We have a great support system and are very lucky. DD has never been inconsolable because I'm not there. She is very adaptable. I introduced a bottle of expressed at 2 weeks so DH could feed her and so she can get used to other people, so I can have a bit of a break every now and then. To all the helpful posters, thank you for putting it into perspective for me. I suppose I am just used to the strong opinions of my family and I need to remember that it's my decision (fwiw DH is very supportive and also thinks they are being unreasonable)

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