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Expectations of an 8 year old

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ChristmasLists Thu 09-Nov-17 18:07:01

Which of the following would you expect a recently turned 8 year old to do consistently? As in, there being room for slack but doing more times than not doing...

Take pre-packed swim bag to school on correct day
Ask for school memo book to be signed daily
Take coat to school and bring home from school
Take folded washing upstairs and put away
Make bed
Fill water bottle/full a cup of water when thirsty

Any others ideas for independent tasks would be appreciated. DC is currently pretty good at:

Making simple breakfast of cereal and milk
Clearing plates to sink
Putting washing in basket daily

Thanks in advance.

Believeitornot Thu 09-Nov-17 18:11:22

My 8 year old is forgetful so I don’t trust him to remember what to take to school.

But he can make his bed, tidy his room, brush his teeth, shower himself, I’ve started showing him how to iron, vacuum the car, load the dishwasher, help me put the washing on. I’ll start sending him down to the shop to run errands eg buy some milk etc (it’s on our road) - not necessary but just to make him feel grown up.

I did start showing him how to cook and once our kitchen is finished, I’ll pick that up again.

Hebenon Thu 09-Nov-17 18:16:32

I think remembering to take the swim bag without reminders is optimistic at best! But the rest sounds reasonably achievable, provided she can reach all the places where she needs to put the clothes away fairly easily. I would expect an 8 year old to forget the school memo book thing once or twice a week and would not make a big thing of this.

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