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Can you share proof your toddler?

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AprilShowers16 Wed 08-Nov-17 22:55:29

My DS is 16 months old and doesn't yet care when other children play with his toys/take toys away from him etc. He will happily exchange toys or just pass them over and then move on to something else. I'm well aware that this won't last forever and have several friends with older children who really struggle to share. I appreciate that it's probably just a stage that most children go through but just wondered if anyone had struggled with this perhaps with a first child and then taken a different approach with their next child. Is there anything I can do now to help him learn how to share as he becomes more aware of what is 'his'?

(For context I'm also pg with no.2 so wondering whether this might be an issue once the baby is here)

ducktale Thu 09-Nov-17 06:48:16

My just 2 year old has just started saying “mine” and being territorial in the last few months. I have a 5m old too and she’s very sweet about giving him “his” toys but if he touches any of hers by accident she gets irrationally angry grin. She also got annoyed when I put him in her high chair for a minute the other day. I can only see it getting worse once he starts moving!

Tbh I’m not sure there’s much you can do except keep reiterating that it’s nice to share, Playgroups are full of mums following their kids around telling them to share! Sharing is hard. I think snatching is something that should be treated with sternly though, but of course that is completely normal too. My dd is very sociable and loves the idea of having “friends” so I do try and keep going on about how friends share and she does show some recognition. Oh and really positive praise when she does share!

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