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Lying Kids.

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RebeccaWrongDaily Wed 08-Nov-17 10:46:21

So, I think I have a fairly decent perspective on my own children and their quirks, characters and failings (along with all the good stuff too obviously) Some of their friends (all the kids have at least one friend often more than one) seem to be pathological liars- from small fibs to easily disproved massive whoppers.

How do you tell your children that their chums are liars and to ignore them?

Mine (sometimes) feel hard done by because of the lies that their friends are telling for example, At a party this weekend, one of the parents was regaling us with the super news that their DD had done the best history project in the school and it was shown at assembly (our children are in the same school, this did not happen) the kid in question got all the wows and well dones, with the other kids looking non-plussed because this didn't happen.

It's happened with races on sports day, winning goals at football matches. It can be something as inane as them getting something / owning something (that they don't) and using that as 'collateral' somehow to wind the other kids up (I've got X pokemon card, actually i've got two, I wont swap with you) as well as really really far fetched stuff (ie we were going to a 'kids destination' for a holiday, the other kid told mine they were going to america, to watch the olympics and then to disney...)

i know it seems petty. I know it seems trivial, but we're torn between having our own children upset and 'outing' another kids lies (humiliating for them) it feels complicit?

not seeing them is not an option. Any suggestions?

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