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Is this colic?

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corkles Wed 08-Nov-17 10:07:09


My baby is 2 weeks old. Over the past few days he’s started crying for an hour or so at about 6-7pm. He scrunches up his face, stretches out his legs and sticks out his tongue like a little lizard.

I’m bottle feeding and he chews his fists and roots so I feed him, but a minute or so in he spits out the teat and starts crying again.

It’s really uncomfortable for me to see him like this as he’s obviously in pain. I’m concerned that this might be colic, or the start of it? Or is it just wind? Once he settles he goes down to sleep and wakes every 3 hours or so through the night for a feed, again without the crying.

Any advice or ideas much appreciated!


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