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Sun Screen - 4 month old baby

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Samila Wed 08-Nov-17 06:03:29

Hi all

We are due to go on a sunny holiday in a few weeks - my baby will be 4 months at the time.

I read somewhere if I am correct that babies should not wear sunscreen until they are 6 months old or so and to keep babies in shade.

We will try and keep our baby under shade but as we are on holiday there are times when their skin will be exposed unintentionally. Surely if this is the case sunscreen would be allowed? If so, anyone recommend a baby friendly sun screen suitable for 4 month olds please? Thank you xx

LiquoricePickle Wed 08-Nov-17 06:32:26

I used "baby in the shade" as an extra precaution on my (now 6 month, then 3-5 month) baby in the very very hot summer here in China.

My mum spoke to a pharmacist in the UK and did a lot of research. It worked well for us.

MrsOverTheRoad Wed 08-Nov-17 06:34:12

I moved to South Australia when my DD1 was 3 months. The fact is that you simply can't expose them to the sun...on holiday or not.

In addition to some screen,

You need to keep the baby in thin, long sleeved cotton tops and trousers....with hat. No exceptions. Sunshades on pram should be like this

Not a little parasol.

Keep the baby in the shade. It's not hard really, you just get used to it

Here are some reviews of sunscreen which are (kind of) ok for babies under 6 months.

Samila Wed 08-Nov-17 15:01:22

Thanks all these tips are really useful and so is that article so thanks xx

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