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Please help - 4oz water given at night!!!!

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H3lpneed3d Wed 08-Nov-17 04:33:07

My daughter hasnt been sleeping well for months now (she's almost 9 months). I've thought about posting on here numerous times for advice but tonight this is something slightly different.
Last night she had her worst night's sleep EVER and woke numerous times as usual then was awake from 3am to 6am whining or crying. Tonight we changed a few things but I think out of sheer exhaustion from the night before she has managed to sleep for a solid 6 hours! This hasn't happened in about 4 months! I had prepared a bottle of cooled boiled water as she has the remains of a cough which only bothers her at night and I thought it may help to relieve the tickle somewhat. But my problem is my partner has just fed her the full 120ml (4oz) when she woke up!!!!!!!
I am now lay here at 4am completely panicked that it'll harm her! He completely dismissed my concerns and rolled over back to sleep (thanks!!)
I am lay here worried to death and daren't go to sleep in case she has a seizure. This isn't at all helped by the fact I have been awake since midnight (usually her first wake up time) and I'm now concerned I'll have to get up in a few hours to start the day with having only had 2 hours sleep. I could literally just lie here and cry at the moment. Sorry to be dramatic but this is what sleep deprivation does.
Please only reassuring words no scaring me with water intoxication like I've been reading for the past half hour ..... heeelllllpppp!

Lules Wed 08-Nov-17 04:42:14

Why wouldn't she be fine? Wouldn't occur to me to be worried tbh

Coolaschmoola Wed 08-Nov-17 04:43:34

It's water. The main part of all formula, breast milk, fruits and vegetables...

Three month old babies merrily chug down four oz of milk, in formula terms thats 4oz if water plus powder. At 9 months many are on 7 or 8oz bottles. Again 7 or 8 oz of water...

4oz of water at 9 months is normal. It is virtually impossible to get water intoxication because the amount if water required (many litres) is virtually impossible to actually drink. A baby would refuse to take more than they need anyway.

Sleep deprivation is awful, so go to sleep and in the morning speak to your HV about normal fluid intake for babies because you seem to be a little confused about what constitutes normal.

Coolaschmoola Wed 08-Nov-17 04:47:32

Plus she would only drink what she needed, so clearly she woke up because she was either hungry or thirsty. Definitely speak to your HV about normal fluid intake - if you think 4oz is potentially dangerous is she getting less than this normally and is normally dehydrated?

eeanne Wed 08-Nov-17 04:48:45

The reason small babies (usually under 6 months) aren't advised to drink too much water is that it fills their tummies so they don't have room for milk, which is where their main nutrition comes from. It's not that the water itself is going to hurt them. At 9 months old your child should be eating and drinking water alongside to help with digestion. There is nothing to worry about, main risk is she will be a bit hungrier than normal when she wakes up.

FenellaMaxwellsPony Wed 08-Nov-17 04:54:14

Do you not give water with meals? confused That's a perfectly acceptable amount of water - it's less than would be in a full sippy cup. Also you don't still need to boil drinking water after 6 months. Do you suffer from health anxiety generally?

H3lpneed3d Wed 08-Nov-17 04:58:25

Thanks guys to all those that have replied already. I realise in the world of sane people it is probably ludicrous that I am doubting it. But i think ive lost all perspective at this wee small hour. She obvs has formula throughout the day and night and that also obvs includes the same amount of water but it was water alone in that quantity I wasn't sure about. It's amazing what you read on the internet and it can convince you you've poisoned your child or done something damaging with a simple act! Thanks again. I will now try to get some sleep. Really appreciate you all talking some sense in to me.

Phosphorus Wed 08-Nov-17 04:59:30

Do you not normally give her water?

The poor child is probably waking with a raging thirst!

H3lpneed3d Wed 08-Nov-17 05:00:55

Yes I give water during the day but she struggles with any of the cups I've tried so whilst she would have a good amount across the day with meals she wouldn't necessarily down a full sippy cup in one sitting. And yes although I'm sure not hard to spot I do suffer from anxiety generally. Thanks for replying

Coolaschmoola Wed 08-Nov-17 05:08:32

Everything is scarier in the wee small hours. Sleep well bear.

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