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How long is too long to wait for an ambulance??

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doubletroublemum Wed 08-Nov-17 00:24:36

My son woke up today with a really chesty cough. By the afternoon he had a high fever. And by bedtime his breathing has become really laboured and fast. I called 111, and based on his breathing rate and that I said he sounded as though he was 'panting' they decided to send an ambulance out.
Nearly 2 hours later and I'm still waiting. confused In this instance would you cancel and go to A&E or keep waiting?? My poor little man is struggling so hard for each breath and I'm just sat here doing nothing...

underkerstumbled Wed 08-Nov-17 00:32:16

Ring 111 again and let them know you are still waiting for the ambulance.

OpalIridescence Wed 08-Nov-17 00:34:53

Call the ambulance yourself, now.

Please just do it, your son needs some help.

GreatBigPolarBear Wed 08-Nov-17 00:35:06

You can phone back and say he is deteriorating if you feel he is. Phone 999 if you need to. Otherwise, if you can get him to a&e fairly quickly then do that.
Hope he's better soon

Katanna Wed 08-Nov-17 00:37:56

Ring them again.

Katanna Wed 08-Nov-17 00:39:02

I meant ring 999

gruffaloshmuffalo Wed 08-Nov-17 00:39:06

Don't call 111. Once the details go to the ambulance service you need to call 999. They'll tell you how long a wait it's going to be. 111 won't know

I work for 111 and that's why we say after it goes to ambulance "if anything gets worse, changes, or you have any other concerns you need to call 999"

OpalIridescence Wed 08-Nov-17 00:39:49

Please call 999 for an ambulance.

My daughter wasn't labouring to breathe like your son when I took her to doctor 'sort of panting' The doctor called an ambulance right away.

Either there are massive delays and you can decide to make own way in or there was some sort of mix up and no ambulance is coming.

Call them OP

Ollivander84 Wed 08-Nov-17 00:44:54

Ring 999. If you have transport and there's a delay then make your own way

doubletroublemum Wed 08-Nov-17 00:45:02

Thanks for the advice I don't think he is deteriorating, just staying the same. But I will ring just to get an idea of waiting times...

GreatBigPolarBear Wed 08-Nov-17 00:47:26

I do think that if he's struggling for every breath he needs to be seen asap-stress this when you call (999)

Ollivander84 Wed 08-Nov-17 00:48:07

They may not tell you. Ask if they want you to make your own way, that will give you an idea. TBH if you've waited two hours, they're probably incredibly busy

MarmaladeIsMyJam Wed 08-Nov-17 00:48:35

My poor little man is struggling so hard for each breath and I'm just sat here doing nothing...

Ring a bloody ambulance! How can you say that and not ring for help??

doubletroublemum Wed 08-Nov-17 00:50:09

To the unhelpful poster above If you read the post properly you will see I am waiting for an ambulance... hmm

oldlaundbooth Wed 08-Nov-17 00:50:23

You've called an ambulance, right?

oldlaundbooth Wed 08-Nov-17 00:51:23

Re unhelpful

Call 999 yourself and get one

Ollivander84 Wed 08-Nov-17 00:52:58

111 will have passed the details to 999. Ring 999 again to make sure it has passed and so they can retriage him so he gets the right response. Then go from there

Theresnonamesleft Wed 08-Nov-17 00:54:33

Drive, cab, call a mate. Any of these an option.

DancingLedge Wed 08-Nov-17 00:55:56

Breathing problems are high priority ambulance calls.
If you've been waiting 2hrs, it's probable your call has been incorrectly logged.
Please call 999

Pancakeflipper Wed 08-Nov-17 00:59:33

Can you drive or get someone else to get you there?

It could be lots quicker. Hope all goes ok

Ceto Wed 08-Nov-17 01:05:20

If you have the means to take him to A&E yourself, that's got to be a better option than waiting for the ambulance.

khajiit13 Wed 08-Nov-17 01:06:20

If it is an emergency call 999. My son has had similar issues before and 111 wanted to send an ambulance. My son wasn't at a place where I wanted to use such a resource so I drove to a&e myself within 20 mins. Far quicker/easier/cheaper.

frogsoup Wed 08-Nov-17 01:12:09

I'd agree - just head to A&E yourself. You could have been there by now - not your fault, btw, theirs! It feels like the system should not allow an ambulance to be called unless it's either going to get you there faster than you could under your own steam, or you need immediate medical intervention on the scene from paramedics before being moved. Two hours wait is ridiculous.

Floralnomad Wed 08-Nov-17 01:17:20

I’d take him yourself , we waited 30minutes for the paramedic car and an hour more for the actual ambulance in the night a few weeks ago , couldn’t take ourselves as I was too ill to move .

Seeingadistance Wed 08-Nov-17 01:24:27

I hope the ambulance has arrived by now or you've taken him to A&E yourself, OP.

Struggling to breathe is very worrying, and an ambulance would be the better option as that way they can get him on oxygen right away if need be.

If you're still at home - 999!

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