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2 month old projectile vomiting

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Faalaa Tue 07-Nov-17 14:03:14


On and off my nearly 9 week old daughter has been projectile vomiting. She also had diarrhoea. It is projectile, and quantity is huge. It’s incredibly scary as she chokes afterwards, I feel too scared to leave her alone in case it happens and she’s on her back and chokes.

It was the odd day that she’d do it but she’s done it at least once every day for 6 days now. She’s been to our gp and an out of hours gp on the weekend and they said it’s a tummy bug and to carry on as usual and watch out for signs of dehydration. She is breast fed but they said to syringe water in case she starts to seem dehydrated.

She missed her 8 week immunisations because of this.

I just wondered if anyone had any similar experiences? It’s so terrifying when it happens!

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Tue 07-Nov-17 18:35:25

Is she vomiting after every feed Faalaa? Has the diarrhoea been a constant since birt( or is that a new thing?

Faalaa Wed 08-Nov-17 07:22:22

Hi, no it’s not after every feed. The vomiting is usually only once a day, sometimes twice. Yes the diarrhoea is a new thing. Thankfully her poops seem to be more normal now.

Ebony12 Thu 09-Nov-17 07:54:56

My 10 week old has started to projectile vomit as well more now than when she was born. I know what you mean about them laying on their back it happened to me yesterday and I know the signs now as I hear her tummy making gurgling sounds and I sat her up in straight away and waited for her to be sick - it was pretty much the whole bottle as I use formula.

So after a big feed I turn her round so her head is against my tummy and she is facing outwards and keep her as upright as possible and she sits like this for a least 20 mins to help her meals go down plus I’ve been using her carrycot at night and I put a pillow underneath so it’s at an angle and will help with making sure her feds go down also. As it’s once a day I wouldn’t be to worried as my sister in laws little boy vomited after every feed so when I was like you in a panic I figured it could be a lot worse. My little one is getting weighed and unless her weight is a problem then I will just continue to do what I’m doing. Hope your little one gets better soon

Faalaa Thu 09-Nov-17 17:15:58

Hi, thanks for your message. It’s reassuring to know it happens to other people! My GP recommended keeping her upright for 40 minutes as she did it after I kept her upright for 15 minutes. That was a but of a shock as if means a potential 20 min feed and the 40 mins holding her upright, so an hour in total for each feed.

Luckily she had a good day yesterday and I took her to the baby clinic today to be weighed and she’s gained weight and moved up a centile - so the vomiting hasn’t affected her growth.

I guess I just need to remember it will pass as her stomach matures!

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