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5 month old pooping every hour!!

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Jengib Mon 06-Nov-17 12:15:49

My 5 month old DS has been pooping at least 8 times a day for the past 3 days and he is doing it through the night aswell and I am getting worried. He is bf and usually poops once a day or every other day. They are normal colour and consistency and they are not always a large amount. He is happy in himself.

Has anybody else experienced this? My mum thinks it may be due to teething as the amount of slobber he produces is ridiculous. Any help would be appreciated.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Tue 07-Nov-17 18:42:38

Has anything else changed? Have you recently started introducing solids?

Smoochyschmoo Tue 07-Nov-17 18:51:19

I wouldn’t worry if he seems well and they’re the same colour etc - my 3mo only does a big nappy fill every week or so but a couple of times a day there’s usually a small amount, like a bits leaked out when he’s sneezed 😬

Last month there was always something to wipe up when I changed him every couple of hours, I mentioned it to HV but she said it’s perfectly normal for bf babies to go through periods of almost constant ‘leaking’

Letsgetreadytorumbleagain Tue 07-Nov-17 19:38:05

Is he feeding more?

Jengib Wed 08-Nov-17 09:18:08

Thanks for your replies guys. No he is exclusively bf no solids yet. He hasnt been feeding any more often but it is still going on and now he has a terrible nappy rash the poor thing!

I did end up taking him to the drs yesterday and she said that it could be due to teething as he doesnt have a temperature and seems well in himself. She did say if it carries on for more than a week then I should take him back with a sample to send away to get checked.

Debby08 Wed 08-Nov-17 11:29:15

If it's coupled with fever It's something to worry. Almost experienced the same with my oldest dd but she never had fever though the pooping was so frequent. Never really got worried as she wasn't showing any ill behavior.

Jengib Wed 08-Nov-17 20:19:03

No he doesnt have a temperature which is good. I just feel sorry for him now his poor little bum is red raw with it and I am going through nappies like crazy! If it hasnt stopped by the weekend I will take him back the drs next week.

ownedbySWD Wed 08-Nov-17 20:20:58

Can you hold him out over a potty to save his.bum a bit? I did this with my DD when she had a tummy bug and it saved her skin!

Poppyseedjoy Sun 02-Dec-18 21:09:07

Hi sorry it has been a while but I am going through the same, did you ever find out what was causing the poo and how did you get over it? Thanks a lot

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