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Babies first cold

(2 Posts)
Meepmoop Mon 06-Nov-17 09:17:48


My DS is 3 months and has his first cold.

He sounds very snuffly in his nose and snotty. He's only feeding for a bout 3 minutes on each side so I'm offering them more.

Any tips on helping him get over it.

Thank you

Wiggles9408 Mon 06-Nov-17 09:24:16

Snuffle babes saline nasal spray helps clear out their nasal passages, sleep with elevated cot or wedge for better breathing, use the calpol vapour plug in night light it’s suitable for 3mo+ keep baby well hydrated (starve a virus feed a cold) could also try feeding in a steamy bathroom as this will help open the nasal passages so baby can feed for longer and breath at the same time smile it shouldn’t last long only a week or so but I know during the cold it feels relentless. My dd got her first cold at 4 weeks which was soooo difficult for such a tiny baby but they get over it smile good luck hope your DS gets better soon!!

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