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Back to work next week

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flutterby12 Sat 04-Nov-17 23:12:11

and I'm dreading it sad my DS is one. I am going back two days initially then increasing to three. My sister is having him one day then in laws another. He still BFs and we co-sleep. He only naps in the pram as I like to be out and about and in the fresh air.

I have honestly loved looking after him full-time and if we could afford it I'd be a SAHM.

It hadn't really sunk in that I was going back until today because we are close to moving house and it was all up in the air whether we would move next week and I'd take more holiday etc but it's now looking like a few more weeks and I feel like my heart is breaking. He has had half days with the people who will be looking after him, I am just SO worried he will be inconsolable at times, he does scream/cry quite loudly - even my inlaws said he was loud and they have 5 grand children! I hate the thought that I'm not going to be there to comfort him. Also I'm worried about his naps and whether he will nap for them.

Does it get easier? When we move I will be looking for a nursery one or two days a week as my sister looking after him won't be long-term. I feel so down about it. Sorry this is so long.

DaisyRaine90 Sat 04-Nov-17 23:16:31

Good luck Hun 😊
Might sound harsh but we do have to cut the apron strings a little at some point. Be grateful for your magic year together and write a list of advantages of returning to work to remind yourself (even if you don’t believe it to start with)

I’ll start if you like?
1. You are teaching her a work ethic
2. You are getting her used to other adults and not developing an overly dependant personality in her
3. She’s eating now and so will look forward to breastfeeds in morning and evening which will be more special now.
4. To be more financially secure and afford your lifestyle instead of skimping on things she needs
5. You still have more than half the week with her


DaisyRaine90 Sat 04-Nov-17 23:18:13

Sorry just realised DC is a a DS not a DD

6. Nursery will be a wonderful environment for your child to learn, socialise and grow in x

flutterby12 Sun 05-Nov-17 19:38:29

Oh thank you. You are right. I'm just finding it unbelievably hard. I think it'll do me good too to be with some adults 😂

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