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Constant arguing

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Qwerty2211 Sat 04-Nov-17 14:22:33

Our little boy is 18 months old and for a good year now me and my husband have been arguing more than ever, it's now becoming almost daily and has been for a couple of months.

Since having our child he has become extremely lazy around the house, I have to constantly nag him in order to get anything done and sometimes I come home from work when he's been in all morning and he can't even wash dishes, cook dinner, walk the dog etc... this is when he's at home for almost 5 hours before work.

He's become very short tempered since having our little one and is not the happy carefree bloke he used to be. He doesn't take how I'm feeling seriously and ignores me every time I confront him about how he's become, he will say he's not talking about it or that if I don't like it I should leave...! We were so good before we had our little one, it's broken us and I don't feel he can get any better.. what I want to know is if someone's been through anything similar??

I do still love him but have been driven away big time and I tell him
This. He's just not helpful with the little one, im the one who feeds, baths and dresses him, makes him and dinner which I don't mind as I'm his mum but I feel like a 1930s housewife whose husband doesn't want to help and it's not fair, it should be 50/50 in this day and age.
he's just become lazy and short tempered, never makes conversation and isn't out going at all.. I don't want to give up as we are married and I do love him but he won't sort things out and I've been utterly miserable for a while now.

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