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Horrific Gag inducing smelly poo - HELP!

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whogivesaratzass Sat 04-Nov-17 05:18:36


I have a 6 month old LO who has been on solids for a few weeks and we are dealing with every poo issue known- this one is making our eyes water!

For the past 2 days her poo would bring a tear to a glass eye! It's horrendous, like melting the paint off the walls bad.

The smell is hard to describe but like nothing I have ever smelled before. No new foods have been introduced these 2 days and she is otherwise healthy/happy so what could be going on?

Do food allergies build up to this or hit immediately? Could it be something more sinister? Has anyone else experienced something similar?

Please help, I'm worried about her and I'm starting to think the smell is becoming imbedded in the walls 🤢💩😷

beingsunny Sat 04-Nov-17 05:55:46

Might be teeth!grin

ButtMuncher Sat 04-Nov-17 06:09:48

I wouldn't worry too much about the smell but go by consistency - teething poos are frankly, fucking rank, really acidic and sloppy. Weaning poos are often the same at the start as babies have been used to only milk for 6 months, so their guts have to learn to process the difference.

I think general signs of allergies is mucusy poos (which can happen with teething), hives/rashes and being sick/posseting.

CluelessMummy Sat 04-Nov-17 06:29:55

Would echo what PPs have said about the mucousy teething poos. It's about the right age too. I have a famously strong stomach but those have had me gagging.

FastForward2 Sat 04-Nov-17 07:00:18

Coeliac son - problems started when weaning 17 yrs ago. I cant remember poo details at weaning but do remember projectile vomitting any 'solid' food which was not completely pureed, so the jars you could get back then with tiny lumps always came back up 2 hours later.
(Poos were far from normal but I cant remember detail except permanent diarrhoea for 2 yrs til he finally got diagnosed.)

Coeliac disease affects people differently, and if you are really concerned get tested, but don't worry about one smelly poo, get tested if it continues.

In answer to your question, in coeliac disease the gluten causes gradual damage to the gut so it probably would build up as you describe. If you suspect coeliac, it is very important not to start glutenfree diet until after testing because tests don't work without gluten and reintroduction of gluten to coeliac causes much worse symptoms.

Coeliac UK website is useful. I have just been diagnosed myself and now on diet I feel like a new person mentally and physically even though no obvious symptoms before diagnosis. Definitely worth getting tested, and early diagnosis is important, e.g. I have mild osteoporosis due to late disgnosis.

I don't want to worry you - there are so many coeliacs in my family we just see it as normal not to eat gluten, so not really a disease just an inconvenience, but worth it to feel well again.

OuchLegoHurts Sat 04-Nov-17 07:08:46

Teeth! When they're teething they get a horrendous acidic smell

whogivesaratzass Sat 04-Nov-17 08:22:24

Thank you so much! They are honestly the worst thing I have ever smelled, we have had a few and dear god they would gag a maggot!

I was thinking Coeliac maybe because she is allergic to egg and I was thinking if there is one allergy there could be more, but teeth? I had no idea they could do that confusedblush

How long did you ladies suffer the toxic waste before a wee tooth popped through? She doesn't have any swelling or extra dribble but I keep checking because of her age.

Thanks so much for the coeliac advice, I was going to cut wheat out this weekend to see if it improved, ill abandon that and if no teeth by the end of the week I'll have her tested.

Give me strength- I have nappy fear!!! 🤢💩😂😷

OuchLegoHurts Sat 04-Nov-17 11:37:51

Ours always 'teethed' for ages before a tooth appeared. In fact, the actual 'cutting' through of the teeth was the easy part in our house, it was the few weeks beforehand that really kept them awake etc. I wouldn't hold your breath but one imagine that a tooth will start to appear in next couple of weeks

Dottieroses Mon 06-Nov-17 16:34:49

I notice you mentioned that you give her wheat. Wheat (things like weetabix etc) are very hard for a 6 month old to digest. Some have no problem so always worth a try but as you're saying about her poos it may be her little tummy is just not able to deal with it yet. Wheat takes a lot more digesting than fruit or vegetables and remember is very fibrous so will induce frequent poos or make them runny. It doesn't mean she is coeliac (although of course if this happens when you try again then get her checked). At 6 months I would recommend just fruit and vegetable purées whilst her tummy adjusts and then try wheat again at 10 months. Some children still can't handle it until 12 months! Just a suggestion 🙂 might be worth a try 🙂 X

whogivesaratzass Mon 06-Nov-17 17:37:24

Thank you all so much!! Xxx

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