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Help! What do i tell my DD

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magicmania Fri 03-Nov-17 10:17:16

I am here seeking help on how /what to advise to my DD. I have two girls 9 and 5. My older one is angel by nature. She has very high standards of honesty from young age. She gets very annoyed when my little one does something naughty and does not own it or covers it up with a lie. Now, my older one is finding many instances where children lie when in difficult situation, nothing harmful but just to avoid getting into trouble. She has recently been in instances where the other person said something that was not true and got my girl into trouble.. and that ended in her teacher warning her. This has upset her terribly. She is refusing to go to school and even fears going out and facing new ppl except for a few family friends Honestly, I am glad these things happen to her because it gives her a chance to understand the world in reality but I am also worried that she might end up having a very pessimistic view of the environment around her. Please advice on how I can help her.

Thanks in advance

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