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Nannywage - appalling service and customer service

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Cawdor42 Thu 02-Nov-17 13:55:31

I've been looking around for a way to pay my new and excellent Nanny whilst conforming to all legal required standards. I reviewed all 4 major sites and like the fact that NannyWage told users about the fact the insurance is normally in your household insurance and not to buy it as an addition. And they were cheap.

The problems first started once I'd paid my cash around 3 weeks ago. All the forms in the website are not connected meaning you have to renter the information multiple times. Didn't look or feel right. Nevermind - only need to grit teeth and get through it.
Then nothing. It's Nov 2nd today. Contract start date was set for Nov 1st and it hasn't shown up. Clearly agreeing the contract is sort of important. Also no confirmation of any of the numbers in the payroll, nor a way of set up defined pension contributions.

So we rang. 5 times last Friday. No answer.

I rang today. About 2 hours ago. And then joined mumsnet.

The man on the phone was offensively curt and then down right rude:

Dan: Hi, I'm missing all documents relating to this...
Him: I can see we haven't sent you the contract and it's overdue - i'll contact the relevant team
Dan: I have to say I'm really not happy with this service (...see above)
Him: I've told you what I will do, don't get pushy with me. If you want your money back, you can have it.
Dan: I'd like my money back
Him: Fine, have it, piss off.

Needless to say, I'll be going to one of the other services. Any suggestions???!!!

Cawdor42 Thu 02-Nov-17 14:35:23

Just talked to NannyPaye and they were lovely and extremely helpful... a complete contrast in professionalism and useful polite interaction.

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